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Leading Petroleum Distribution and Marketing Company

Service Provided:Mobile Refueling & Full Service app

Caribbean’s one of the largest Petroleum Distribution and Marketing Company that distributes liquid petroleum fuels to dealers and fuel stations across the country. The company has a variety of businesses such as fuel distribution, U-Stores and is planning to start new branches all over Trinidad & Tobago. Established in 1990, it is a wholly owned & locally operated company. It began trading in transportation fuels in the year 2000 and is now engaged in the marketing and wholesaling of liquid petroleum fuels. Currently, it has a network of twenty-four (24) service stations across the country, both owned and operated by themselves and by dealers. They also transport bulk fuel to large commercial customers via their Transport Division.


Searching for a fuel station in an unfamiliar area or when travelling was a time-consuming and inconvenient process. Fuel availability and type were often unknown without visiting the pumps in person. This used to create major inconvenience, especially when time is limited or there is little flexibility in the journey.

The cash or card facility for payment in the fuel stations caused some inconvenience for people as it required human intervention. Also, it was particularly troublesome for those who were in a hurry or had no cash on them.

The credit card/wallet facility was not available in any fuel station through the digital medium. This made it difficult to manage expenses and track spending. In addition, the lack of a reporting system made it difficult to monitor progress or identify areas of improvement.


The owner company of fuel stations was looking for ways to optimize their operations and improve customer service. One way to do this was to develop a mobile app that can be used by both merchants and customers.

We developed an app that would allow the merchant to configure the software and track pump activity, while the customer could see nearby fuel stations and check pump status. When pumps are activated, they will always knock on the server to show that they are online. This would help to improve customer service and reduce environmental impact by ensuring that only operational pumps are in use. In addition, the app could also provide directions to the nearest fuel station, making it easier for customers to find what they need. This will help to reduce the problem of long queues at gas stations.

Navigating to the fuel station and reserving a pump from the app is a quick and easy process. Dispenser machines for different types of fuel are available, so users can choose the type of fuel they need. Once the pump is reserved, the user will need to make payment. After payment, the transaction will be authorized, and an OTP code will be generated. The OTP code needs to be given as input in order to start taking fuel. When a dispenser machine is reserved, the screen in that unit will show as being authorized for use. Both the app and the machine will notify the user to pick the nozzle in order to start consuming fuel after the verification is finished.

While consuming the fuel, notifications will be sent through which show progress of the process. If the user earns any loyalty point during the process, that will also be notified. The entire process is simple and convenient. Also, the fuel stations are equipped with QR codes so that users can scan in order to make a reservation. Users must scan the code and follow the steps to reserve and take fuel.

The fuel stations have a full range of services, such as glass cleaning, tire pressure check, and fill up service. When selecting a pump for fuel consumption, text will pop up indicating which other services are also available. If someone chooses any of these, besides just fuel consumption, then an invoice is generated according to their choice. There are CSAs (Customer Service Attendant) who will get the notification and will serve the customers. Also, there is a scheduling option to take full service. Ex- one can book beforehand to avail the service.

Price varies by each station. Customers may view which stations are offering which prices in this app, and based on those facts, they can make decisions.

The implementation of this solution will enable better monitoring of fuel stations by the authorities. It will give them a clear idea about the status of the station and help in taking proactive measures to maintain it.

The Loyalty feature in our app is designed to give customers the chance to earn points that can be redeemed for cash or extra services. The loyalty matrix determines how many points are earned based on fuel consumption, and customers can use their points to get discounts on future purchases. This feature is a great way to keep track of our customers’ usage patterns.

The user Dashboard in the app is a highly useful feature that makes it easy for users to manage their account and get the most out of the app. The user dashboard feature on the website allows users to edit their profile, view fuel prices by location or see service station online status. This is a helpful feature for users who want to keep track of their fuel consumption or find the best prices for their next fill-up. Users can provide information, to keep the dashboard updated which helps users make informed decisions and save time.


Improved Communication-

The app is easy to use and helps to improve communication between businesses and their customers. In addition, the app provides a range of features that can help businesses to grow and thrive.

Quick Transaction Process-

The transaction process is also very smooth and quick, which makes it more likely that people will use the app and visit the pumps where these facilities are available. This leads to more revenue generation for the company.

Different Payment Option-

Customers want to be able to choose from a variety of payment options, and they also want the process to be quick and easy. That’s why the implementation of a digital wallet system can be such an advantage for businesses. Not only does it provide customers with the flexibility they crave, but it also leads to increased sales and efficiency for the business.

Digital Wallet Facility-

The implementation of the app makes customers satisfied because of different payment facilities. Customers can choose from a wide range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets. This flexibility ensures that everyone can find a payment method that suits their needs. Moreover, digital wallet systems lead to good business for the owners. By allowing customers to store their payment information in a secure place, businesses can save time and money on processing payments.

Cost efficiency-

The automation system is preferable for merchants as it is based on service. The resources are reduced, thus saving money. There is no manual intervention in this process. This helps to improve the quality of service and reduces the cost.

Full-service notifications-

In addition to fuel consumption, full-service provides other services that bring convenience and satisfaction to customers. This one-stop shop approach is not only convenient for customers, but it also has a positive impact on businesses. By offering multiple services, businesses can increase their revenue and attract a wider range of customers. With the app, businesses can provide their customers with the best possible service while maximizing their own efficiency and profitability.



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