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One of the first leading online food delivery service providers in Bangladesh and they have expanded its reach across Bangladesh in a massive way with 17 major cities in its radius. They are ever-expanding their reach in Bangladesh and spreading the taste of quality food with top notch service along with owned company that serves all around the country, Operating in 4 Districts with 2,000 employees. They are on-demand food delivery applications that allow them to deliver food at their customer’s doorstep.


  • A well renowned food delivery provider in Bangladesh, wanted to develop a more effective way to make food deliveries easier for each franchise, where people can order food from anywhere and get the order delivered to their doorstep within a very short period of time but unfortunately, their order processing capacity was very slow. In a nutshell, when a client wanted to place an order, it took a long time to transport the food from the outlet to the customer on hand due to a lot of manual efforts required to process their delivery, therefore the order processing time was also quite long. 
  • Previously they had their own in-house mobile, web, and iOS app development to serve their clients, but due to some internal issues and the large number of resources, it was difficult for them to manage all of those resources at once, and there were also so many bugs in their system so adding new features to their app services was also quite impossible. So, in order to solve all of these issues they searched for the best app development software company to develop their server app & fulfill all of their requirements. That is why the client approached brain station-23 to improve their app performance for web, iOS & mobile platform.
  • Another essential purpose of our client was to allow experienced drivers to work with their rider app as a freelance driver to deliver their own food items & create new opportunities for free drivers to earn additional income. In this app, they wanted some features which enable stores to track drivers by GPS and make the system more productive. 
  • Previously They had a major server issue with their customer app, which we helped them in resolving. When a consumer attempted to make an order during pick time, the server was constantly down, resulting in a potential customer was unable to order their preferred item and also failed to browse as well so they need to Build the fastest food ordering solution with user-friendly redesigned rider app characteristics with some innovative features.


Customer panel features:

Order Automation

As their order processing capacity was very slow to solve this issue we implemented an order automation tool into their system, which gave them the most flexibility in their order process. As a result, their serving capacity also increased without any human interaction, manual effort, or even third-party support, now they can complete their entire order process in a very short period of time. Even more we installed a load balancer into their server to manage their peak hour extra load which operates through cloud service & allows them to improve their serving capacity with smoothly running multiple server scalability & auto serving stability without any difficulties also, the day before when a customer used to place a food order there was no way to get information about food delivery status. So, in these circumstances to increase customer engagement with the system after placing the order, we created a customer app journey with the order process, in which with our all feature integration customers can be now notified about each stage of the food delivery status from the beginning to end via push notifications in the following scenarios, including –

Food Order Status

After placing the food order Customers can know about their food order status using the order management feature, which includes information such as –

At the time of order placed/accepted/rejected/processing users will be notified.

Through the Order notification feature whenever a user’s food is on the processing model, Customers can now easily get push notifications based on its status, such as for-an Order may be in the baking process, delivered or any other stage. Which means through these order notification feature customers can track the entire food journey process.

Users can use the customer app to bridge the communication gap Between consumer and rider. When the driver accepts the order, the User can know about drop off person details like- name, image, contact number even call or chatting feature is also accessible for the buyer to communicate with the particular rider for further information about their delivery & finally can select the drop off locations where the food will be delivered.

Check Order History:

Additionally, users can view their last order history, expenses, and keep records of everything that they have ordered in the past.

Rate and review

After completing the entire food order journey process, customers can rate and review a rider, restaurant, and provide feedback about the service delivered via our customer facing app development.

Control panel features:

  • We integrated a Dynamic Role Management feature, where admin can create, edit & remove different roles for different departments into their admin panel. As an example- Each role has its own set of specific permissions that are granted for each department based on their different tasks to run their business with complete confidentiality. So, we entirely developed this role management so that they no longer have to manually provide authorization to their business’s different role person for the whole system for each department every time. As a result, total units can be subdivided for a specific designated department into a same single platform where only authorized departments or people can access and manage information based on their daily job specification.
  • Cart validation feature is applied in a unique additional rule, Where Admin Can Set a Different Payment Method for Specific Area or location based on order quantity or amount to minimize payment risk issue from the customer. So, for this sort of rule validation, we added the cart rule feature into their payment process, allowing the administrator to validate the cart on each item.
  • when a consumer places an order admin can evaluate the performance of each outlet based on how frequently an outlet fails to provide, react, and properly serve the food before the appointed time. So, in order to address all of these issues, if any outlet violates any of the service agreement regulations several times, the administrator can impose a penalty by blocking the capacity of serving food for that particular outlet. As a result of this feature integration, the work engagement of each outlet has grown through the Seller compliance feature integration. Even more admin can track driver & orders from the store to a delivery location with the help of a map. 

Rider's panel features:

  • We have developed rider freelance model feature for drivers who want to earn extra cash with their routine work. This app allows users to freely sign & sign-up facility as a delivery boy without having to register in the system app in order to serve orders, in fact, driver also can shift their ride enrollment at their convenience time. Even more with this feature admin can also monitor every driver’s performance as a result of this based on the assessment and score, riders get the payment benefit on different segment.

    Using this Redesign rider app feature, drivers can track the history of their delivered orders for the entire day. This unique app enables drivers to view their job report details such as total earning, current score, current batch position, as well as through this advanced feature a rider& their supervisor can also monitor & measure their own performance matrix as a result of this based on the own performance evaluation rider can set next goal, destination to earn more & reach to next batch ranking position. So, everything can be known by these special redesigned rider app features.


Our experts exhibited good teamwork and maturity throughout the development process to take this app to the next level. The outcome concisely was a fully functional app loaded with user-friendly experience and performance. We delivered a food ordering and delivery app above the expectation level of the client so After the server scaling feature, restaurants are able to serve more orders than before, and users who had bad experiences such as additional order load time and server down during peak hours are no longer experiencing these issues. As a consequence, customer satisfaction has also increased. Even more Because of order automation they no longer require a more support agent to manage their order process. The number of support agents has decreased now. They can deliver their order process quickly without requiring any human interaction.so they also gained Appreciation among Local Foodies for Quick Process, and Drove Multi-folds Daily Sales for Client. Integrating customer notification increased the frequency of customer engagement with the system app & recurring more orders from customers, as users started getting updates on a variety of cuisines through the application as well as through the Promotional notification assisted Business in gaining high recognition among national and regional customers & became a preferred brand for food ordering among foodies. Resulting their locality standing above competitors & enhanced business sales growth& through the dynamic role management creating a different role for multiple departments in a single system which also help to protect the system’s privacy and avoids unwanted complications, most importantly there is no need to hire a full-time rider as riders can join at any time, which decreasing corporate liability and providing a hassle-free rider recruitment process through the freelance model rider facility. so, all of these features are able to meet all needs of the client and improve users’ experience.

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