Case Study

Intelligent Q&A Chat Bot

Solution: AI & ML Enabled Chat Bot

Industry: Service Industry

About Intelligent Q&A Chat Bot

From a web page filled with sets of Q&As, it is often hard to find the right match of the question that we need an answer for. But a chat assistant can make this process a hell lot easier. Now, anyone looking for any particular question answer form any service provider, they can put their questions to a bot which can answer from a pre-set Q&A’s answer. These bots are very lively with basic conversation starters and ice braking speeches. And can serve  any kind of service industry that offer online help services/support  for their clients.


It is quite difficult to serve and assist your clients 24/7 without any absence or miscommunication. 


AI and ML enabled chat bot therefore, helps with availability for 24/7. And answer queries with the most accurate information, proper context and understanding syntax command.

Business Impact

Once you integrate intelligent chat bot to your service, your chat bot will continuously learn how to answer relative questions about your service which minimize the cost of your manual support system. Moreover, It increases the fault tolerant rate which results in more loyal customers to your business.


Technology Used

Project Highlights

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