Case Study


Solution: AI Enabled Time & Productivity Tracking App

Industry: All, esp. Service Industry

About IntelliFriend

IntelliFriend helps to track every individual’s desktop activity to measure and improve their performance. This AI-Enabled app helps to identify a pattern from one’s working log and can predict their next activity schedule from day to day work. It also helps automating the docking of a person’s working hours, creates report and analyzes every input from an individual.


  • Tracking & monitoring work time activity
  • Helping to improve productivity of an individual despite knowing each individual is unique


  • Tracking all the applications used in a system over a timeline
  • Analyzing the data to help individuals to better manage his/her time and potential

Business Impact

IntelliFriend is capable of tracking and helping thousands of employee without even worrying about its existence. It can become true friends with the employee and help them to figure out each individuals potentials.

  • Boost productivity by 30%
  • Maximizes team's productivity
  • Keeps projects on track with the simple and secure real time tracking
  • Tracks Apps, URLs & Offline Time
  • Gives in depth insights and reports
  • Helps to compare productivity with data comparison
  • Makes business hours more effective with business intelligent report


  • Activity tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Identification of patterns
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Capacity estimation
  • Project tracking
  • Timeline
  • Personal account and control
  • Data projection
  • Data ownership
  • Self improvement guide
  • Knowledge base preservation
  • Public site
  • Subscription based payment

Technology Used

  • Auth0
  • electron js
  • tensorflow
  • scikit learn
  • pandas
  • D3js
  • high charts
  • nltk

Project Highlights

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