IT Industry in Bangladesh and Brain Station’s Journey Till Today

it industry

In recent times everyone is aware of the fact that software, information technology (IT) and information technology enabled services (ITES) industry is one of the most promising industry in Bangladesh. For the past few years, the growth of this IT Industry is quite visible. Several growth drivers are behind the industry for coming this far in recent years. The industry now has a large pool of young and efficient professionals, the government’s collaborative mindset, progressive leadership from BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Service), LICT (Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment and Governance), etc. With the mentioned drivers above, media is also involving and have been helping the industry to grow into today’s position.

In 2000 Bangladeshi government amended copyright laws for software and other intellectual properties, in 2001 instituted ICT Task Force, in 2002 initiated ICT policy and then in 2003 with an e-governance program induced ICT incubator under the ICT Task Force. After these initiatives in 2007-2013, IT sector was given more priority by the government with the dream of establishing a “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021. Over the last decade, Bangladesh has pushed the idea and have worked together to achieve the goal.

Today the overall IT/ITES industry is valued USD 650 million with export claiming 39% ($250 million) of that value. The industry has also been enjoying a high growth rate of 40% over the last five (5) years, and this trend is still continuing.IT Industry Startup ecosystem in Bangladesh is still very young, but over the years few initiatives are born to support the local entrepreneurs. Bangladeshi government launched “Connecting Startup Bangladesh” in October 2015 to connect startups and innovators and entrepreneurs.

In 2015 country’s largest mobile operator Grameenphone, in collaboration with SDAsia, had also announced an accelerator program in Dhaka for helping the startups in Bangladesh. Since then the program has been offering office space, a seed fund and mentorship to startups. But the early startups hadn’t had these privileges that the startups nowadays get. So the first startup companies in Bangladesh who have now matured are the ones who have learned their ways in IT Industry through rising and grind.

Today’s Brain Station 23 has gained endearment among the IT companies in Bangladesh. Though the company started in 2006 with outsourcing, in 2011 Brain Station 23 began working for the local market as well.Now investment has been raised for fulfilling the vision of becoming a global giant like “Infosys” where all the talented developers from Bangladesh will be contributing. We believe and dream for Bangladesh to see our country representing and leading as a global leader in tech businesses. Brain Station 23 Limited has been a good global name for outsourcing partner among their foreign clients for the last decade. Plus gathering experience from around the world, working with startups, SMEs and also with big global clients like British Telecom, Telenor (Norway), PayPal, SIEMENS, Nissan, Aareas, Virtual Affairs, nSales, etc, the company is very hopeful about fulfilling the next milestone of recruiting a new bunch of talented developers in our 150+ developer stack.

After working with global giants and starting services for local market from 2011, Brain Station has been mostly focusing on the Banking and Financial industry where the company has proved its capability of developing most secure banking software for the clients. The company has got City Bank, AB Bank, HSBC, IFIC Bank as its customer trail and for the coming years, BS23 is very excited about playing a significant role and helping the rest of the Bangladeshi Banks in their digitization. Moreover, BrainStation 23 has been serving the pharmaceutical industry, telecom industry, e-commerce industry and real estate industries with many solutions like the mobile sales force automation, educational module, rental applications, mobile web applications, etc. and will be serving this industry for their future businesses as well.

We, Brain Station 23 is here to help you with a great pool of talented developers. As our client, you’ll get the insurance for the best services possible for the industry you belong.

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