Case Study

Incepta Notice Manager

Service Provided: Mobile App

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh since 1999 has been bringing innovative products to meet the unmet demand of medical professionals. They focus on launching newer, more advanced molecules within their country’s boundaries but also strive for internationalization by expanding beyond the geographical boundary of Bangladesh.


Incepta wanted an app for their internal usage where they can post notices for their employees; to improve communication within the company. This app would allow managers to post notices directly to individuals or groups of employees. The app needed to be able to handle different types of content (images, videos, etc.). As per the requirement, call, sms and emailing facilities were also necessary to be applied on every user profile screen.


We developed the app using the latest technology stack and made it user-friendly so that the employees can easily find and view the notice.

Upon logging in, employees would go to the notice screen, where notifications are displayed. By enabling Notice Filtering feature, notice lists can be filtered by time. Notifications can be set for each user, as well as for certain groups. Each group consists of multiple users. Groups are created based on departments. This allows for a more streamlined notification system, as well as the ability to target specific groups with messages. The notice screen would be the first thing that employees see upon logging in, ensuring that they are aware of any important announcements or updates.

Admin or user who has the permission to add notifications can put on notifications. Admin can attach a notice targeting individual users or specific groups. To add notice admin can attach any file, image or simply write descriptions. Admin can allow comments, set expiration dates or scheduler. In addition, employee information can be seen from the app. Also, messages can be sent to employees from the app. An individual user can call, message and mail to other users through the user’s info on the app. 


The app has been well received by the employees and has been very useful to Incepta. The app provides an easy way for employees to access the latest information on Incepta’s products, services, and events; making it easy for them to stay up to date on the current news from Incepta.



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