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Horeca is a B2B data profile management company that offers a platform for users to search and communicate with business professionals in their specific domains. With the need to manage a vast amount of records and optimize search capabilities, Horeca faced several challenges.


  1. Supercharged Search: From 3000 RU to just 34 RU (Request Units)
  2. All your business data, 200 times faster


  1. Client Data Access Criticality: Sensitive client data required secure and efficient access.
  2. Volume of Records: Horeca had to manage around 50 million records.
  3. Search Optimization Issues: The search function was not as quick or efficient as needed.
  4. Full-Text Search Capability: The application required a powerful full-text search feature.
  5. Cost Concerns: Azure cognitive search solutions were too expensive for the client.


To tackle these challenges, several strategies were implemented:

  1. Mass Scale Data Generation with Dotnet Cosmos DB App: This allowed for better management of the 50 million records.
  2. Simulated the Search Problem in Azure Cosmos DB: By doing this, we could identify and resolve the existing search issues.
  3. Custom Index with Word Parameters: This improved the search function.
  4. Stemming and Generalization of Words: This made the search feature more flexible and accurate.


  1. All Data in One Place: Centralized data made it easier to manage and access.
  2. Optimized Data Processing: Data processing speed was increased by up to 200 times.


The implementation of these solutions brought about impressive results:

  1. Reduced Resource Utilization: Initially, the average SQL-like query consumed 3000 Request Units (RU). With the new improvements, the main search required only 34 RU, and an additional 1000 RU was needed for data aggregation.

By focusing on efficient data management and search optimization, Horeca was able to improve its application significantly. Not only did this reduce operational costs, but it also led to faster and more accurate search capabilities, thereby enhancing user satisfaction.

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