Case Study

Healthcare Technology Specialist

Service Provided: AWS Cloud Services

One the most significant specialist technology vendors for healthcare providers in Bangladesh is working with services which are built with input from veterans of the industry, clinicians, experts in medicine, and patients, with the goal of delivering “Excellence in Healthcare Management.” Its solution is cloud-native and is available as SaaS (Software as a Service), so users do not have to make massive infrastructure or technological resource investments.  


Our customer wanted to assess their workload to see if their system was constructed in accordance with AWS Best Practices and to search for any potential security issues. Cost Optimization was their top priority. As they lacked a method to handle those items, they were having trouble specifying the MFA and security credentials. After the assessment, it was discovered that there were several areas that might need improvement. Customers were recommended to make these adjustments quickly so that our team, which includes a senior solution architect and a variety of consulting talents, can offer the best support. Performance security, cost-effectiveness, dependability, and sustainability are just a few of the many areas we have pointed out, and we have suggested several solutions to address various HRIS and MRIS. 


  • In order to choose the best combination of databases to use for the workload, the team reevaluated the database solution to see if it is best suited to meet the customer requirements (for example, transactions or high availability).  
  • Through this review, we introduced the MFA and credential rotating process, adhering to security maintenance and management very properly. Now that our customer has an internal security management process, this is a fantastic result to be displayed or reflected throughout the organization to ensure security. 
  • Our customer was highly cost sensitive, and they really wanted to build a process by which they would be able to Monitor the unused resources, so to solve this hustle tagging has been proven a blessing 
  • Monitoring and managing the alarm is also in consideration and so that customer prioritized Cloud and we offered our customers a free management service for a month to train them regarding managing and monitoring enablement.  
  • Document management system – has been emphasized to make sure that customer proper visibility on the system version and so that they can plan for feature development and upgradation and make sure that the life cycle is well maintained. This System has been an immense help in managing the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of the customer. 
We have been able to optimize their costs and improve their security. Our customer is very happy now there has been.


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