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Resource Augmentation for GrameenPhone


As traditional operation models got flipped upside down on their head due to COVID-19, new models have emerged for businesses to harness in order to continue with their development and progress. Staff augmentation is not an old concept, but back in the day it merely meant as a temporary fill-in by an outsider for a vacancy. Now with the demand for remote teams ever rising, the concept of staff augmentation has taken on a new meaning.

To clarify, the whole concept of staff augmentation has not changed; but what changed is notably the application. Staff augmentation or resource augmentation is engaging an outside professional or team to augment the capacity of an organization on a temporary basis. This contingent basis of workforce augmentation was first practiced for administrative vacancies. Now the concept has evolved with various models to accommodate the needs and strategies of modern business.

According to Statista’s 2019 data, the global staffing industry generated USD$497 billion, 85% of which was generated through temporary and contract employment. By reducing expenses while recruiting qualified staff, companies can scale their business quicker than if they were to hire full-time employees.


  1. Traditional staff augmentation adapted to meet the needs of modern businesses.
  2. Global staffing industry generated USD$497 billion, 85% from temporary and contract employment.
  3. Brain Station 23 offers staff augmentation services, specializing in .NET and JavaScript.


With Grameenphone, the resource augmentation contract happened back in 2018. For a certain project they required resources for PHP & QA. Initially, a few resources were engaged in the project. When they gradually started to feel the necessity for more people, we opted for a contract basis. As a part of the whole process, the contract came into a PO. Since then, we have been collaborating with Grameenphone till now and looking forward to making this alliance even stronger.

Grameenphone faced a challenge in finding the right experts, particularly for roles like DevOps. These specialists were hard to find promptly, causing delays in projects and resource gaps.


Brain Station 23 tackles the challenge of finding the right people at the right time in a thoughtful way. When it comes to the tricky task of hiring DevOps experts, we don’t just wait around – we build our own skilled teams. We call them shadow resources, and they help new team members get up to speed by providing training and essential know-how, even if they’re already working on other projects.

We believe in keeping our clients in the loop. If a certain resource isn’t available immediately, we make sure our clients know when they will be. Communication is key, and we want our clients to be well-informed and part of the process.

Our onboarding process is like a well-orchestrated dance. It starts with discussing project needs, sending resumes, and scheduling interviews. The HR team takes charge, making sure everything is compliant and running smoothly. Onboarding usually takes about a month to a month and a half, giving our new team members time to join after handling any prior commitments.

We don’t stop at just getting our people on board; we stick around. Throughout the deployment phase, we provide continuous support to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

But it’s not just about finding the right people – it’s about making them even better. That’s why we focus on training during onboarding. We want our team to be ready, not just with skills but also with the knowledge they need to be a valuable part of your project.

In a nutshell, our solution is more than just staffing; it’s about being proactive, keeping communication open, smooth onboarding, and a commitment to ongoing learning. We’re not just a service provider; we’re a partner in your journey to success.


IT staff augmentation proves to be a cost-effective solution for organizations, allowing them to expand their teams without the commitment of long-term contracts. Brain Station 23’s partnership with Grameenphone exemplifies the benefits of efficient talent acquisition and project scalability.


The resource augmentation contract with Grameenphone, initiated in 2018, has flourished. Currently, 30 professionals, including PHP QA, iOS, Android developers, and DevOps, contribute to various projects. Brain Station 23’s monthly bill issuance reflects the success of this collaboration.

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