Build A Game with Us

Get your games created from the ground up or cover any of your production needs with specialized knowledge.


Grow your concept with us to lay a solid foundation for your product in game design, and concept design.


Support your project with 3D art, level design, UI/UX design, animation, and engineering.


Connect your game with other platforms, and secure monetization.

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Our Service


Studio-23 team has expertise in multiplayer game development services and other gaming areas which guarantees a thrilling gaming experience to the users with flawless end-to-end execution. Studio-23 and its expert game developers can flaunt their technical expertise to create an unparalleled multiplayer gaming experience.

Full Cycle Game Development

Our experience and a solid skill set allow for offering custom, full-cycle game development. Creating your perfect gaming experience, we ensure it runs smoothly across all supported platforms. From game concept creation to post-release support, we apply our knowledge and insightful know-how to develop addictive and fun-to-play games.

Environment Art

Studio-23 environment art team will help you to ideate, conceptualize, design, and execute a believable unique world utilizing a number of tools, bringing your idea of a game setting to life.

Concept Art

Our concept art team has extensive experience in providing 2D concept art for characters, and environments. We offer the best artwork that meets the requirements of customers’ in-game concept design.

Level Design

Our talented team of designers is living proof of how far imagination and professionalism can take you. Merging artistic excellence with endless creativity, our team designs exciting and engaging levels that will give the game the necessary atmosphere, environment, and characters to be a new market success.


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Why choose Us

Our designers are passionate about game design and experts in holistic design

Our artists know how to use their artistic vision to bring unique and mesmerizing worlds to life

Our programmers are experts in creating engaging gameplay mechanics

Our developers are enthusiastic about video games

Our Strategic Business Unit (SBU) head is the author of the book

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