Field Force Automation

Mobilizing Sales Teams Through Automation



Built for Enterprises with physically dispersed sales networks serving distribution channels. From online ordering to last-mile fulfillment — mobile field force automation ensures a transparent and efficient sales system for distribution companies.

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Sales Pain We Solve

Inefficient Manual Workflow

Manual sales processes generating sales orders, recording visit activities, and managing approvals are time-consuming and error-prone. Those delays and errors may hamper team efficiency and poor customer engagement. 

Data Security Concerns

In manual processes, papers and physical storage are used to handle sensitive data. So, there is always a risk in controlling data access and ensuring business protocol. Besides, a lack of real-time data accessibility to field forces may result in more rejected orders. 

Lack of Transparency

Managers lack visibility into field forces’ activities such as customer visits, tracking sales orders, customer interactions, payment collection etc. This may cause struggles for managers to monitor teams and identify improvement areas.  

Unreliable Reporting

Human errors and loss of physical documents may lead to inaccurate reporting. This can be a challenge for a business to make data-driven decisions. 

mSFA Features

The sales team is the target user of MSFA. With this feature, the system manages user profiles, user authentication with role-based permissions and customized web and app menus. 

Usually, Offline stores are called customers where field forces visit and receive orders. With this feature, users can create, edit, and manage detailed customer profiles, generate leads, and seamlessly select existing customers for orders. 

We implement the company’s existing sales team structure (roles & area structure) into the MSFA system for an efficient approval process and assigning responsibility. If a company already maintains their sales hierarchy in another system, we can integrate our MSFA with the third-party application to ensure seamless operations. 

This feature allows field forces to generate orders. MSFA manages product catalogues with price, stock, and description. The system tracks Expiry/Damaged Products to return, calculates the value, and adjusts the bill from the next orders. Our system offers offline facilities too. 

Users can plan customer visits, start and end visits, and record visit reports, payments, feedback and competitor information through the MSFA mobile application. MSFA also manages promotional products and tracks promotional activities. 

Our MSFA offers a Dynamic Approval Hub where the admin can set up automated workflows for any features. The approval workflow can be multileveled and the approver can be role or user-specific. 

In the MSFA system, the admin can set an achievable target for field forces and distribute it to them based on customized parameters 

To supervise the sales team from a distance this feature allows to track the real-time location of the field forces and ensures customer visits by tracking their attendance. 

The system generates customizable reports on sales performance, customer activity, competitor analysis, team effectiveness, and many more based on requirements. We offer an insightful and also customizable dashboard with real-time data access to keep users updated.  

In the sales process, there can be two types of payment systems for orders: Cash and Credit. MSFA allows the admin to define credit limits and duration for customers, and manage the credits during orders. The admin can also configure bonus product quantity to customers and discount amounts through the system. 

Users get real-time notifications and alerts on important events such as upcoming customer visits, approvals, overdue tasks etc. 

This feature enables users to access training materials and resources within the platform, including self-assessment quizzes. This will help to develop skills to improve performance. 

This feature allows the sales team to communicate through the MSFA mobile application. 

The system provides training materials and supports to assist users to help them navigate the system. 

Our Success Stories​


We are offering a Mobile application and web portal of the Mobile SalesForce Automation (MSFA) system to the sales team as a solution with custom designing advantages to empower the business 

Seamless Sales Process

MSFA app streamlines workflows by automating sales activities such as tracking orders, visit activities, approvals, feedback and competitor analysis, and report generation. These transformations result in saving time and increase team productivity. 

Real-time Visibility

MSFA offers real-time visibility into sales activities, customer interactions, payment collection, and location that results in effective team management and enhances customer satisfaction. 

Enhance Data Security

MSFA system incorporates reliable data security measures, ensuring the business protocols, access controls, and data backup procedures, to protect sensitive sales data from misuse and loss. 

Data Accuracy & Insights

MSFA system eliminates manual data entry and minimizes human errors. The Real-time data ensures data accuracy in reports and insightful dashboards. 


1. Boosted Sales Productivity

Simplifying the sales process with real-time data access saves time and empowers field forces to close more deals. 

2. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Real-time insights from reports and dashboards empower the sales team and management to make informed decisions. 

3. Enhanced Accountability

The system allows open communication on performance that improves accountability and transparency between the sales team. 

4. Enhanced Customer Engagement

By analysing feedback and competitor data, businesses can better understand customer needs and preferences leading to increased customer satisfaction. 

5. Reduced Costs

Automated manual processes, minimizing human errors, fast approval and accurate reports can improve operational efficiency resulting in reduced costs. 

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At Brainstation-23, we ensure complete transparency in the development of your fintech solution. Here’s a brief overview of how you can track progress:

  • Regular Progress Meetings: Join our weekly or bi-weekly meetings for updates and discussions on the project’s status.
  • Project Management Tools: Access our tools like Jira, Asana, or Trello for real-time updates and timelines.
  • Milestone Deliverables: Review key milestones and provide feedback to ensure the project aligns with your expectations.
  • Live Demos: Attend demos to see new features in action and assess functionality.
  • Detailed Reporting: Receive comprehensive reports detailing task completions, resource allocation, and project adjustments.

We commit to keeping you well-informed and engaged throughout the development process.

At Brainstation-23, our fintech app development process is structured to ensure efficiency, compliance, and high-quality outcomes. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Requirement Gathering: We start by understanding your specific needs, objectives, and the regulatory landscape.
  • Prototyping and Design: We create initial designs and prototypes, allowing you to visualize the app’s functionality and user experience.
  • Development Phase: Our team develops the app using the latest technologies, ensuring it is robust, secure, and scalable.
  • Testing and Compliance: Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure the app meets all technical and regulatory standards.
  • Launch and Iteration: After launching the app, we continue to refine it based on user feedback and ongoing development needs.

Our approach is designed to deliver a fintech solution that is not only tailored to your requirements but also competitive in the market.

At Brainstation-23, we utilize a range of cutting-edge technologies to ensure our fintech solutions are robust, secure, and innovative. Here are some key technologies we employ:

  • Blockchain: For enhanced security and transparency in transactions.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: To automate processes, enhance decision-making, and provide personalized services.
  • Big Data Analytics: For processing large volumes of data to derive actionable insights and improve customer experience.
  • Cloud Computing: To ensure scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.
  • APIs: For seamless integration with other financial systems and third-party services.

These technologies allow us to create fintech solutions that are not only efficient and secure but also ahead of the curve in terms of innovation.

It depends on the project’s complexity, but in most cases, it takes from 3 to 5 months to develop a Solution.

The security of our fintech platforms is paramount. Here’s how we ensure robust security:

  • Encryption: We use strong encryption protocols to secure all data transmissions and storage.
  • Authentication and Authorization: Multi-factor authentication and role-based access control are implemented to safeguard user access.
  • Regular Audits and Compliance Checks: We conduct frequent security audits and ensure compliance with industry standards like PCI DSS and GDPR.
  • Secure Coding Practices: Our developers adhere to best practices in secure coding to prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We employ advanced monitoring tools to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

By integrating these security measures, we aim to provide a fintech solution that not only meets but exceeds the industry’s highest security standards.