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Companies often have to think a lot while choosing any outsourcing company because its a partnership which can help you win or lose if not chosen correctly. Therefore, it is important-

  • Understanding the outsourcing model
  • The attrition rate of a company since that reflects how healthy a company is
  • Scalability if the outsourcing companies can scale up as per your demand
  • Financial stability of the outsourcing company


Brain Station 23 as an offshore IT service providing company have been providing outsourcing service for 13+ years. And ensuring the following items to meet global standards for IT outsourcing

  • Have 70% revenue from outsourcing
  • No product, only service, best non-compete
  • Best processes in place to attract & retain
  • Yearly recruiting around 80+ with 35%+ growth
    Invested by most prominent and first VC


Why Us


Brain Station  23 has global footprint in outsourcing for almost 14 years now.  Since 2006, we have committed ourselves providing international standard developers to  serve business-centric solution for global startups to enterprises. Over these years, more than 100 companies and 1000+ clients from various parts of the world have taken our services. We help our clients with the most advanced solutions even when that particular resource is scarce in the market.

 As we believe in evolving with time, therefore, keep our resources updated with the latest tech advancement with consistent training and coaching. Our lower retention rate has made our client comfortable working with us for a longer period of time. We even try to mitigate the language barrier by hiring native speaking resources and on site partners. Our solutions and services are designed to fit your business, not on the other hand – ultimately reducing cost and risk while keeping your data safe, compliant and accessible.

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