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Enhancing European Biopharma HCPs' Learning with AEM Solutions


We have served a pharmaceutical and clinical-stage biotechnology company, established in Europe, specializing in the discovery and development of small molecule medicines with novel modes of action. They are pioneering biotech with a pipeline of innovative therapies to address unmet medical needs. Their ambition is to become a leading global biopharmaceutical company, focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines that will improve people’s lives- thus expanding their operations in several European countries. 


  1. Rapidly launched HCP portal in multiple EU countries, boosting medical event attendance.
  2. Seamless integration of LMS for HCPs, enhancing learning experience and accessibility.
  3. GDPR-compliant platform empowers omnichannel marketing for pharmaceutical company’s success.


Challenge 1: Lack of Single Centralized Platform Caused Communication gap and Inconsistent Information Among HCPs

Without a centralized platform, it resulted in scattered communication for showcasing medical and commercial content to HCPs (Health Care Professionals). HCPs received inconsistent information, leading to confusion about the specialized products, treatment guidelines, clinical outcomes, mode of action, functions, medical training materials etc. This fragmentation hindered effective engagement and potentially led to misinformation among HCPs. This needed to be built very fast to align with their commercialization goals and launch in various EU countries.

Challenge 2: Complex Content Management Impacted Information Accessibility

Managing diverse content, from product specifications to medical training materials, was complicated. The absence of an efficient system led to difficulties in organizing and accessing this content, impacting user-friendliness and overall information accessibility to their different region HCPs.

Challenge 3: Regulatory Compliance and Personalization Led to Compliance Risks

Navigating complex pharmaceutical regulations in the EU created uncertainties. Ensuring personalized content for each doctor while complying with regulations was a challenge. That is why ensuring that the right content reached the right HCPs based on their specialization while adhering to legal guidelines was their main priority as well.

Challenge 4: Seamless Learning Integration Required Technical Expertise

Integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) within the same HCP portal without disrupting the user experience demanded technical innovation. The biopharmaceutical company needed to provide various learning materials, such as videos and quizzes, in a seamless manner. This demanded technical expertise to deliver a smooth learning experience for HCPs without redirecting them to external platforms.


Centralized HCP Portal Development Enabling Consistent Communication:

Brain Station 23 developed a multi-country, multi-language supported HCP Portal on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This centralized platform became the cornerstone for all communication, enabling consistent and unified interactions with HCPs across various European nations.

Simplified Management of Medical Content with Little Effort:

Utilizing AEM’s capabilities, Brain Station 23 implemented a flexible content management system. We also crafted a well-planned content structure that aligns with SEO goals, ensuring that HCPs can easily navigate the site and authors can publish & manage diverse content with ease enabling seamless updates and changes as needed.

Figure: Workflow of the HCP Portal

IAM Solution Enables personalized Content Delivery for HCPs

Brain Station 23 implemented an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution via a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This allowed for personalized content delivery based on HCP profiles, ensuring that every HCP received information pertinent to their specialization and location while complying with EU regulations.

Assured Compliance with Dedicated Content Review

A robust Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) review process was integrated, and conducted via Veeva approval. This meticulous review ensured that all published content on the portal was country-specific and compliant, mitigating legal risks for the client.

Integrated Learning Experience on the Portal

We integrated Moodle, an open-source LMS platform, within the AEM HCP portal using an innovative Iframe solution. This approach provided a seamless learning experience for HCPs, allowing them to access diverse learning modules, videos, quizzes, and more, all within the primary portal without diverting traffic to external platforms.


Streamlined Access to Medical Resources Via Centralized Platform: The HCP portal provided a single platform for streamlined content management, enabling the company to showcase medical and commercial materials to HCPs with ease.

Personalized Content Access for HCPs: Advanced content access rules ensured that HCPs received tailored information based on their specialization, complying with EU pharma regulations.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Opportunities Using LMS: Integration of the Learning Management System (LMS) within the portal enhanced the learning experience for HCPs, offering a variety of interactive learning modules.

Accessibility for Diverse European Audiences Through Multi-Language: The platform’s support for multiple languages and region-specific courses allowed the company to cater to HCPs across various European countries effectively.


Increased HCP Engagement: The HCP portal’s user-friendly interface and personalized content led to a rise in HCP registrations, subsequently boosting attendance at medical events, virtual conferences, and KOL webinars.

GDPR Compliance: The platform’s adherence to GDPR rules ensured proper marketing consents were captured during user journeys, facilitating the company’s omnichannel marketing efforts with confidence.

Efficient Content Review: The Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) review process helped ensure that all published contents on the portal were country-specific and compliant, enhancing content quality and regulatory compliance.

Global Expansion: With the portal live in several EU countries, the company successfully expanded its operations and reached a wider audience of healthcare professionals, advancing its global biopharmaceutical ambitions.

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