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Modernizing HR Management: Olympic Industries Ltd’s ERP Transformation

In the manufacturing sector, effective workforce management is crucial to ensure optimal productivity, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency. This case study highlights challenges faced by organizations dealing with manual HR processes. We’ll see how adopting an HRMS transformed HR management, leading to increased efficiency and future readiness.  

In an increasingly digitized world, Olympic Industries Ltd was facing the challenge of an outdated and manual HR management system. This led to inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and a lack of essential HR functions, hampering overall productivity.

Recognizing the need for an upgrade, we, at Brain Station 23, stepped in to introduce Odoo, an open-source ERP solution, transforming their Human Resource Management System (HRMS).


Established in 1979 as Bengal Carbide Limited, Olympic Industries Limited has evolved from a battery manufacturer to Bangladesh’s foremost biscuit and confectionery giant. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Olympic has become one of Bangladesh’s premier manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of fast-moving consumer goods. 

Utilizing Odoo, an open-source ERP solution, we crafted a tailored HRMS module for Olympic Industries Limited. This strategic implementation automated their HR functions, bringing accuracy and efficiency to every aspect of their workforce management. 


  1. Olympic faced HR complexities, including disorganized employee data, inefficient leave management, and unclear career paths due to manual errors, impacting productivity. 
  2. We provided a tailored Odoo-based HRMS module with advanced reporting, seamless resource management, precise payroll processing & simplified leave tracking. 
  3. Our solution streamlined operations, guaranteed compliance, and enhanced communication, resulting in improved productivity and employee satisfaction. 


Olympic used to perform all of their HR processes manually with Excel and other systems. It created chaos in the overall management of the HRMS.

  • Manual HR Management: Olympic Industries Limited was manually managing all HR functions using Excel and other systems, which proved to be inconvenient and time-consuming . There were a lot of inconsistensies in the data due to manual data entry and processing.
  • Absence of Essential HR Functions: An efficient system to manage essential HR functions, including payslip batches, payment advice, salary report, bonus distribution, and job detail handling, was notably absent.
  • Difficulties in Attendance and Leave Tracking: Tracking and managing employees’ attendance and leave allocation were challenging tasks. It created extra workload for the HR team.
  • Limited Training Opportunities: The absence of a training management system hindered skill development, limiting adaptability and productivity in the changing industry landscape. 

  • Slow Recruitment Process: Manual recruitment led to delays, missed opportunities, and the potential loss of top talent to competitors. 

  • Document Management Challenges: Lack of a PDF merger tool made document management cumbersome, causing disorganized files and difficulties in accessing and sharing essential documents. 


  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities: Our Odoo-based solution empowered Olympic Industries with comprehensive reporting tools. Users gained the ability to effortlessly generate various essential reports, from job specifics to leave encashment, enhancing data-driven decision-making. 
  • Easy Resource Management: The HRMS module streamlined Olympic’s resource management. HR managers, officers, and administrators could access detailed employee information with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual intervention. 
  • Seamless Payroll Management: With our solution, HR managers could efficiently generate pay slips, manage payment batches, and produce detailed salary reports. Customizable salary rules and structures ensured precision and transparency in payroll processing.  
  • Simplified Leave and Attendance Tracking: Leave requests and approvals became smooth processes. The system allowed precise monitoring of employee attendance, both through external devices and manual inputs, ensuring accurate records and streamlined HR operations. 

    Holistic Employee Management: Our solution extended beyond traditional HR functions. Olympic could manage employee expenses, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and facilitate smooth communication within the organization, fostering a collaborative work environment. 

    PDF Merger Tool: To enhance user-friendliness in reporting, we introduced a PDF Merger tool. This integration allowed multiple pages to merge into a single, cohesive document, simplifying documentation and report generation. 


  1. Easy HR Operations: Reduced Workload, Enhanced Focus

     By automating HR functions, Olympic Industries experienced a significant reduction in manual workload. Well-organized processes and instant access to vital data with  faster response times allow the workforce to focus on strategic initiatives.

  2. Adaptive HR Solution: Scalable Workforce Growth

     Our Odoo-based solution provided Olympic Industries with a flexible and scalable platform. The system seamlessly adapts to an expanding workforce, ensuring effortless scalability for Olympic Industries.

  3. Accurate Data, Compliant HR: Precision at its Best

     The automated system meticulously maintains accurate employee records, leave balances, and attendance data. This precision ensures compliance by providing audit-ready information, reduces errors and nurtures a reliable and compliant HR environment.

  4. Efficient Reporting: Time Savings, Professional Presentation

    The automated system optimized report generation and documentation. This not only saved time but also ensured a professional and cohesive presentation of documents, enhancing communication both internally and externally.

  5. Satisfied Employees, High Productivity: Simplified HR

     By simplifying leave procedures and promoting transparent communication, employees found heightened job satisfaction. Easy access to personal records, efficient expense management, and effortless leave requests increased productivity and boosted morale across the workforce.

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