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Revolutionizing HR Management: Olympic Industries Ltd’s ERP Transformation

In an increasingly digitized world, Olympic Industries Ltd was facing the challenge of an outdated and manual HR management system. This led to inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and a lack of essential HR functions, hampering overall productivity.

Recognizing the need for an upgrade, we, at Brain Station 23, stepped in to introduce Odoo, an open-source ERP solution, transforming their Human Resource Management System (HRMS).


Olympic Industries Limited was founded in June 1979 by Bengal Carbide Limited, a battery manufacturing company. As they gained the trust of their consumers and witnessed changes in the battery industry, Olympic decided to diversify into products that could be a part of our consumers’ daily lives. Today, they hold the position of the largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery in Bangladesh.

Yet, they were lagging behind as they were using manual processes including pen-and-paper in their HR functions. To speed them up, our ERP 23 team implemented the Odoo ERP Solution in their HRMS which streamlined their HR processes and made the overall system more effective.


  1. Automated and Streamlined HR Functions
  2. Enhanced Data Accuracy and Accessibility
  3. Consolidated HR Management Under One Platform


Olympic used to perform all of their HR processes manually with Excel and other systems. It created chaos in the overall management of the HRMS.

  • Manual HR Management: Olympic Industries Limited was manually managing all HR functions using Excel and other systems, which proved to be cumbersome, time-consuming and inefficient. There were a lot of discrepancies in the data due to manual data entry and processing.

  • Absence of Essential HR Functions: An efficient system to manage essential HR functions, including payslip batches, payment advice, salary report, bonus distribution, and job detail handling, was notably absent.

  • Difficulties in Attendance and Leave Tracking: Tracking and managing employees’ attendance and leave allocation were challenging tasks. It created extra workload for the HR team.


Olympic Industries Ltd needed a solution where they could manage all their HR functions in a systematic way. This is why we introduced Odoo ERP solution in their Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to make the whole system easier and effective.

  • We used Odoo, an open-source ERP solution, to develop the HRMS for Olympic Industries Limited.
  • The new HRMS automated the company’s resource management, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • The system was designed to generate a variety of necessary reports such as job reports, arrear reports, salary reports, leave encashment reports, and gratuity reports.
  • HR managers can now easily manage all employee leave requests & approvals, leave allocation, and generate payslips efficiently.
  • The HRMS also allows for monitoring of employee attendance from external devices and the ERP itself.
  • The system also introduced several new features, including the capability to manage employee expenses, monitor KPIs, and merge multiple PDF pages for a more streamlined reporting process.


1.  Automated HR Operations

The ERP solution automates and organizes all HR functions, eliminating manual processes and reducing errors, resulting in a more efficient and reliable HR department.

2.  Enhanced Accessibility

The new system provides easy access to a wide range of reports and information, streamlining decision-making processes and enabling faster response times.

3.  Superior Employee Management

The ERP solution allows comprehensive management of employee data, including attendance, leave allocation, and expense management, improving accuracy and reducing administrative workload.

4.  Efficient Reporting

With the integration of a PDF merger, the system enhances user-friendliness in reporting by allowing multiple pages to be combined into one document, simplifying document management.

5.  Reduced Paperwork

The implementation of the ERP solution has significantly decreased the amount of physical paperwork, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

6.  Comprehensive Training and Canteen Management

The inclusion of training and canteen management systems within the ERP ensures well-rounded employee development and efficient operations, fostering a more effective and productive work environment.


Odoo’s automation in HR functions of Olympic helped them gain a massive pace and accuracy in their overall management system.

  • Streamlined HR processes, improved data accuracy
  • Easy access to up-to-date information, comprehensive reporting
  • Automated resource management, attendance, and leave
  • Integrated training and canteen management
  • Scalable solution, increased efficiency
  • Enhanced employee experience

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