How We Helped a Spanish Fashion Brand with ERP Implementation

Since our inception, Brain Station 23 has been fortunate enough to deliver IT and software services all around the globe. After becoming official Odoo partners in 2016, we have bolstered our ranks with the best professional resources and ERP implementation services. From there we had the privilege of working with companies in the USA, Spain, Malaysia, etc. and in our home country, Bangladesh, for providing ERP implementation services powered by Odoo.

We had the opportunity to work with a clothing brand from Spain which designs and develops styles based on the latest fashion trends that suit the market needs by always following their own manufacturing. This Spanish clothing brand always tries to bring the highest standards of ethics and manufacturing process to each and every garment designed and produced by their team such as streetwear, sportswear, kids items, bags etc.

The Spanish clothing brand needed a solution where they can manage all their sales, purchase, POS, E-commerce and other functions in a systematic way.  Before taking up our ERP implementation services, all the business processes were performed manually with Microsoft Excel, desktop-based solution and other stuff.

These are the module we have incorporated for the Spanish clothing enterprise-

  • Sales
  • Fashion & Style Management
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Ecommerce
  • Accounting (Spanish localization)
  • Barcode
  • Odoo Studio

The beauty of ERP implementation is that the Spanish clothing brand can now manage all their resources centrally, under one platform. We choose Odoo (Open-source ERP Solution) to develop the ERP solution for them as we have the best developers working on this platform for a long time. After the implementation, users can generate all kinds of required reports and data. Now, users can access any kind of information only by a few clicks.

Now they can automatically record and keep track of their sales, purchase, and inventory- bringing out automated reports and stocking up on inventory by using a single platform. The Point of Sales (POS) app enables the Spanish clothing brand to set up customer touch-points that records transactions in the system from any outlet. And with their ecommerce site being linked to their new ERP platform, all sales and inventory data are being recorded in the ERP without the need of maintaining a separate system. The barcode module ties the whole ERP system together as inventory management becomes easier and fully automated as all inventory records are available in the ERP system.

With the accounting ERP module, the Spanish clothing brand can now have a streamlined accounting system. The whole accounting function is now automated, and linked to the other purchase and sales modules, so transactions are recorded in an instant on all systems. It also helps them to manage the VAT and taxes, smoothly aligning with the government regulations.

And lastly, the Odoo Studio application module gives the ability to control their ERP system to the Spanish clothing brand, instead of contacting us to implement changes. The Odoo Studio enables the Spanish clothing brand to design their reports, manage their automated workflows, and design the interface and device compatibility of their ERP system.

ERP Implementation

Source: Brain Station 23

With that, comes to the conclusion of the ERP implementation services we have provided for the Spanish clothing brand. Brain Station 23 has been providing industry 4.0 solutions and custom development services, along with ERP services, for over 15 years. Whether its an ERP solution for your organization, or other solution services like for cloud, artificial intelligence, reality technologies, or enterprise solutions, we cater the services and technologies that meet the needs of our customers and solve their business issues. So contact us to see how we may help you!

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