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Optimizing Otobi's HR Operations through ERP HRMS Solution


Otobi, is the leading lifestyle solution brand in Bangladesh. The fundamental story behind the prestige of OTOBI is having modern manufacturing capacity, innovative designs & one of the largest distribution networks.


As the company expanded, managing employees became increasingly challenging. They relied on manual record-keeping using paper and spreadsheets, leading to numerous issues such as errors in data entry, difficulties in hiring and reporting, and proved to be time consuming on tasks (e.g., managing leave, attendance tracking, and employee onboarding). These issues made work slower, less secure, and less satisfying for employees, impacting overall HR effectiveness.

The following are some of the major challenges faced by Otobi in managing their HR process:

Challenge 1: Fragmented HR Data Management

Before centralizing HR information, Otobi was struggling with scattered employee data which made it hard to oversee different departments. Some information was sensitive, but everyone needed access to specific  details. Plus, keeping track of requests and appraisals was a headache for them.

Challenge 2: Inaccurate & Manual Attendance Records Affecting Employee Morale

Otobi relied on manual methods for tracking employee working hours, leading to inaccuracies and difficulties in assessing attendance patterns. Manual attendance management caused payroll discrepancies and hampered workforce planning.

Challenge 3: Complex Leave Management

Handling and organizing leave records for each employee manually was a complicated and time-consuming task for OTOBI, that led them to misunderstandings, affecting workforce planning and employee satisfaction.

Challenge 4: In efficient Payroll Calculations

Otobi found manual payroll calculations time-consuming and complicated, causing mistakes. HR staff worked long hours on repetitive tasks. That’s why they needed an automated solution for accurate and compliant payroll processing.

Challenge 5: Slow Exit Process Management

Manual expense management processes resulted in delays, errors, and difficulties in tracking expenses. Employees struggled to submit and justify expenses efficiently, leading to bottlenecks in reimbursement procedures for Otobi .

Challenge 6: Lengthy and Inefficient Hiring Processes

Manual recruitment processes, from job postings to applicant tracking, were time-consuming and inefficient. Lack of a structured system for applicant screening led to difficulties in identifying suitable candidates swiftly for Otobi .

Challenge 7: Complex Expense Calculation system:

Manual expense calculations were time-consuming and prone to errors, impacting financial accuracy. Otobi needed a solution to automate expense management, ensuring precision and budget compliance.

Challenge 8: Inadequate Training Management

Problem: Otobi lacked a structured training system, leading to inconsistent skill development initiatives. Identifying suitable employees for training and tracking their progress was challenging without a systematic approach.



In order to overcome their challenges, Brain Station 23 provided Odoo ERP HRMS solution, aimed to streamline and automate Otobi’s HR processes. such as-

Centralize all HR information in one place

Otobi simplified HR with centralized ERP management, ensuring all employee can now oversee all important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers or make other information public for all employees to see such as employee directory. Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and more. as a result, enhancing overall HR operations and productivity.

Efficient Time & Attendance Tracking:

Otobi adopted weekly or monthly timesheets with optional attendance tracking, simplifying the monitoring of employee working hours. They can now categorize hours by project, client, or tasks, allowing detailed analysis. Integrated accounting generated real-time reports based on project time data, offering accurate insights for strategic decision-making.

Streamlined Employee Leave Management:

Otobi effortlessly managed employee leave with the system, recording vacation days and handling requests seamlessly. Employees submitted leave requests, which managers approved and validated with a few clicks. This intuitive process updated individual employee agendas and provided managers with a comprehensive team leave view, ensuring smooth task distribution during absences.

Efficient Expense Management:

Expense management became swift and accurate with the ERP implementation. Employees submitted expenses, provided justifications, and managers efficiently reviewed and approved or rejected requests. Approved expenses seamlessly integrated into Odoo Accounting, ensuring precise financial records and adhering to budget compliance.

Simplified Employee Evaluation:

Otobi automated their evaluation processes, establishing an intuitive system for feedback collection. The platform allowed easy setup of evaluation processes and calendars. Form-based questionnaires gathered feedback from employees, managers, and self-evaluations. Automation relieved the administrative burden, allowing Otobi to concentrate on meaningful interactions and employee development.

Efficient Payroll Processing:

Otobi implemented extensive customization in their payroll system, automating data extraction from attendance, overtime, and leave records. This automation significantly expedited the payroll calculation process, offering substantial relief to HR personnel who previously dedicated significant time to these tasks.

Hiring Processes Made Easy

Otobi simplified their hiring processes, from sourcing to contract, utilizing the ERP system. A user-friendly job board was set up to post positions, effectively tracking applications. Integration of Odoo Survey streamlined candidate screening, associating questionnaire responses with candidate records, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

Structured Training Module:

Within Otobi’s ERP system, a Training Module was implemented, allowing seamless tagging and allocation of employees for training purposes. This structured approach enhanced employee skill development, ensuring a skilled and adaptable workforce.


Centralized HR Management: Enhancing Collaboration and Transparency

Otobi streamlined HR operations by centralizing vital information, offering HR managers a holistic view. The system ensured confidentiality, real-time alerts, and improved collaboration, enhancing transparency and HR productivity.

Effective Time & Attendance Tracking: Elevating Workforce Management Accuracy

Otobi’s implementation of timesheets and attendance tracking optimized resource allocation, reduced discrepancies, and improved operational efficiency. Real-time reports facilitated strategic decision-making, leading to enhanced workforce management precision.

Efficient Employee Leave Management: Optimized Absence Handling with Streamlined Workflow

The ERP system transformed leave management, ensuring swift request processing and efficient task distribution during absences. This streamlined workflow enhanced flexibility and eliminated bottlenecks of Otobi .

Efficient Expense Management: Swift and Accurate Financial Records

Otobi achieved swift expense processing, leading to precise financial records, informed budget planning, and reduced discrepancies. This efficiency translated into accurate financial reporting, strengthening Otobi’s financial management.

Simplified Employee Evaluation: Prioritizing  Employee Growth

Automated evaluations streamlined feedback collection, focusing on employee growth. Form-based questionnaires gathered comprehensive feedback, fostering job satisfaction and strengthening the talent pool.

Efficient Payroll Processing: Saving Time and Costs

Otobi’s extensive payroll customization saved time and costs by automating data extraction. This automation enhanced payroll accuracy and empowered HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

Streamlined Hiring Process: Driving Quick Talent Acquisition

Streamlined hiring processes led to swift talent acquisition, reducing time-to-hire. The system attracted top talents promptly, strengthening Otobi’s workforce.

Structured Training Module: Cultivating a Skilled Workforce

The Training Module nurtured employee talents, empowering them with continuous learning. This investment in employee skills enhanced capabilities, promoted innovation, and ensured Otobi’s competitiveness in the market . 

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