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Enterprise Website Builder

Service Provided: AEM Solution for Enterprises

The Enterprise Website Builder is one of our world class enterprise-level solutions specially designed to create & launch websites following a standard brand style guideline within the shortest possible time utilizing a rich set of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) components & capabilities. It is designed to help content authors to create and publish pages swiftly and with ease without the need for any custom development.


The business need for this solution came from one of our enterprise pharmaceutical clients. Typically marketing website launches is a lengthy process and involves a design agency preparing custom designs aligned with corporate brand guidelines, then it goes through a AEM development & testing cycle and finally, the business team is able to work on the contents and go through MLR review process before publishing the website. They needed a solution that would help them market their products and services as quickly as possible without going through lengthy & costly custom AEM development cycles. The time to market of these small marketing websites is a key metric in the highly competitive Pharma industry. The Enterprise Website Builder solution gives the power to the business users to create their product sites and other contents for publishing and circulating quickly.


AEM is a leading Enterprise web content management system that is popular with many of our Global Pharma Clients. The Enterprise Website Builder was a solution built on the AEM platform to help facilitate the rapid creation and launch of product sites for authors.

The first step during the discovery phase for the project was to analyze and agree on the list of custom Components (based on Core components) that could be used to build and rollout the marketing websites. We then agreed on the theming support required for alignment with the corporate brand design guidelines. Finally, a rich set of customizations on each component was agreed to maximize the usability of the components to achieve various custom website designs & content layouts.

Our development team delivered the custom components that the content authors from business team will use to create the website efficiently, leveraging the customization options to suit their website design & layout goals. What the Enterprise Website Builder accomplishes in this application is creating products sites for pharmaceutical enterprises with ease, while still adhering to the company’s brand design guidelines. In short, the Enterprise Website Builder encompasses the various themes, component-level variations, and site/page level configurations- all these result in unique website creation for businesses.

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The Enterprise Website Builder is vastly customizable with the business’s branding needs being met. New portals can be created according to the design specifications. The authors make contents with the AEM components and functionalities. For example, we have built over 500 possible variations in buttons alone that can set from the Author dialog and be used for achieving different look & feel and functionalities. Enterprise Website Builder has drag & drop and menu selection items for customization, so no coding or development is required. The corporate brand design stylesheet gets applied to all websites so there is one less compliance topic to worry about. In addition, the stylesheets can be easily overridden from DAM giving more flexibility to the business team to engage any web design agency to uplift the overall website look & feel if they want to. The only small technical involvement in the release cycle is related to DevOps where the required node is created, permissions are set and DNS/SSL configured before handing it back to the business team to work on the contents and publish the site on their own when they are ready. All these aim for fast roll-out and marketing of products for enterprises.


The Enterprise Website Builder has allowed fast roll-out for contents and marketing for enterprises. In the case of pharmaceuticals, the target audience gets to see and learn about new pharmaceutical products that are being marketed- know about their properties, purposes, mode of action and so forth. And as the Enterprise Website Builder requires no coding or AEM development expertise, authors can easily build up the product sites using AEM components. All AEM functionalities are there, and nothing will be implemented outside of the brand guidelines. Moreover, the look and feel of the portals can be heavily customized to meet the needs of the authors. Enterprise Website Builder brings immense customization abilities in creating websites for enterprises. A simple change of the themes and components will bring varying levels of differentiation for the sites. The AEM environment keeps all backend functionalities in check- that means analytics, data protection, catered content, and components of enterprises will all be available.  And there’s the ability to modify individual components in order to further add customization options to the Enterprise Website Builder.



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