eBackup 23: Backup Solution With AWS

Introduction to eBackup 23

eBackup 23 is a data backup platform that offers unlimited space for standard & cold storage for any organizations files of any type. eBackup 23 has all the features to store, update, and recover any sort of data!

Purpose of This Solution

eBackup23 focuses on the organizations, the teams and the management of Amazon cloud storage’s data via AWS, Amazon S3. It gives users to manage an organization’s AWS storage’s data with security. This system is designed to maximize a team or organization’s productivity and efficiency. A relational database will be provided to maintain system’s user’s data. Also the system contains two types of application; one is a web app which will be used by a team or organization to manage it’s members and the other is a desktop application which will be used by that team or organization’s members. The system is to be a software as a service application, able to be localised online, and then operated online through a desktop or a device, including phones.

System Architecture

Figure: eBackup23 system architecture

In server side components, we have used Laravel for web application development and electron js for desktop app development. To store data, we have used mysql database. AWS S3 storage has been used here for user’s cloud storage.

Connection between two different app is based on API. Laravel web application has API which will maintain the connection between both web and desktop application. Both application is also connected to the AWS S3 by AWS S3 client side API.

Challenge We Have Faced

The challenge is to maintain both app scalable. As our main goal is not to develop an app for a single time, but maintain the software for long run. We maintain clean code in our software. Also we try to follow SOLID design principle. Though Laravel is following MVC design pattern, we have followed repository pattern alongside with that. Also we justify our API of web app with proper status code.

Features for Recent Version

  1. Login and registering account for an organization as a role of admin.
  2. Admic can create or delete  or update his user’s account.
  3. In admin dashboard, admin can view his user’s list.
  4. Providing AWS credential in the system can make the connection with system to AWS S3.
  5. User can do following activity through desktop applications.Create bucket
    1. Delete bucket
    2. Upload file in the bucket
    3. Download a file from the bucket
    4. Standard to glacier
    5. Restore file from glacier

Future Scopes of eBackup23

A software product will not end it’s development in a single version. Our main future implementation will be  giving a pricing based features. Also we will give organizations a service of giving users with role permission based restrictions using AWS S3 storage to manage the organization’s data.

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Client: Latitude 23  

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