Fueling Financial Inclusion through Digital Wallet Solutions


Digital wallet services are becoming increasingly popular as people opt for cashless transactions. Users can save money, execute transactions, and keep track of past payments with these financial applications.

Our client, one of the leading petroleum distribution companies envisioned a comprehensive digital wallet app to provide financial inclusion to the marginalized community. To create a seamless one-stop solution for customers and merchants, our team developed a complete solution consisting of a customer app, agent app, and merchant portal. This digital wallet service was designed to eliminate barriers and provide benefits, meeting all requirements for a secure experience.


  1. Our Client Aimed to Provide Financial Inclusion to the Local Community Through an All-in Digital Wallet App
  2. Our Team Developed a Complete Mobile Financial Service Solution, Consisting of a Customer App, Agent App, and Merchant Portal
  3. The Solution Offers a Simple and Secure Payment Process and Paves the Way for a Cashless Community.


1. Absence of Banking Services

In a community without banking services, residents lack access to essential financial tools. This absence hampers their ability to save securely, apply for credit, or make transactions beyond traditional cash exchanges. 

2. Safety and Convenience for Users

Physical cash transactions are susceptible to theft, loss, and damage. A digital wallet provides a secure platform for individuals to store their money electronically. Also, the convenience of digital transactions enhances overall financial security and ease of managing funds. 

3. Encouraging Local Entrepreneurship

For local entrepreneurs and small businesses, digital wallets open new avenues. By enabling electronic payments, these businesses can expand their customer base beyond the immediate locality. 

4. Stimulating Economic Growth

Digital wallets facilitate faster and more efficient transactions, leading to increased economic activity.  Entrepreneurs have easier access to capital, consumers engage in more transactions, and the overall economic landscape becomes more vibrant. This stimulation of economic activity often leads to improved infrastructure, better living standards, and enhanced opportunities for everyone in the community. 

In essence, the introduction of a digital wallet solution was important to address these critical aspects.


We developed a complete solution to address the need for a mobile financial service in the client’s region, consisting of a customer app, agent app, and merchant portal. Each component of our solution was designed to meet the requirements.

The Customer app
offers menus like recharging the wallet, transferring money, and managing personal finances. To register, customers need to complete an eKYC step, where their ID card will be scanned. Users can keep balance from different sources such as bank or card and cash out from the wallet. They can also recharge their wallet from a bank or card through the app. The digital wallet app provides intuitive graphical representations for effective budgeting and expense tracking. Notifications are available for transaction approvals.

The Agent app is used by dedicated agents appointed by the company. They can log in using their phone numbers and recharge their wallets. There is also a cash-in system, and agents can check their transfer history.


The Merchant portal
allows merchants to easily receive payments from users and keep track of their transaction history. Admin can create merchant portals for self-registration, which will only be approved after proper document verification. Merchants can create branches and users, with each branch having access to their respective data only.

The portal includes a Refund and Dispute Management System, allowing merchants to refund money to customers if necessary. The transaction report feature helps merchants check transaction, fee, and refund reports by day, month, or year. There are graphical representations of Number of transactions, number of transactions, transaction trend, number of transactions in the dashboard. The refund and dispute management system makes it easy to manage and track refunds and transactions, including refunded transactions. For each branch created, merchants can monitor their transaction history and manage users’ data.

Admin has access to user management, account management, fee management system, and transaction settlement, among other options. The graphical representations of the number of transactions, number of transactions, and merchants by category give a quick glance of the scenario. With these features, admins can easily monitor and understand the status of the transactions and other management areas.


Convenient Customer Experience: The Customer app offers convenience for managing finances such as recharging wallets, transferring money, and tracking expenses. Since there are many sources to draw money and recharge their wallet the solution offers flexibility.   

Streamlined Merchant Transactions: The merchant portal offers merchants a user-friendly platform for receiving payments and maintaining transaction records. This process not only accelerates payment processing but also strengthens merchant-customer relationships, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty. 

Improved Management for Admins: The solution makes it easy to monitor and understand the status of the transactions and other management areas for the admins. 

Empowered Agent Performance: The agent app simplifies transaction procedures, empowering dedicated agents to handle tasks efficiently. By reducing processing time and enhancing accuracy, agents can focus on providing exceptional service, leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased customer acquisition 


  • The Digital Wallet solution provides a simple and secure payment process, ensuring that customers can make transactions with confidence and ease.
  • Users can enjoy the convenience of making payments without the need for physical cash.
  • The merchant portal allows merchants to receive payments from users and manage their transaction history and data in a secure way.

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