How Can Data-Driven Email Marketing Helps Your Business to Grow

data-driven email marketing

Data-driven email marketing campaigns are one of the major keys to reach your customers more efficiently. This often happens to us that we are desperately looking for something but that thing is just in front of us. We just fail to identify them. Data is also the same for today’s business world. Every business is always trying to maximize their revenue using different tactics. But very few capitalize the huge amount of data they already have. According to a study, companies that use customer data/ sales data to send smarter campaigns perform 85% better than their competitors when it comes to sales growth. However, it’s also important to know how exactly this data should be used so that it helps to further strengthen our campaigns and ultimately generate better ROI.

Let’s find out five ways of how businesses can utilize their business data for better email communication.

1. Understand your subscribers’/ TGs’ preferences

You might have a lot of subscribers but if you can’t utilize the information of your subscribers then the large number won’t make any difference. You must gather the information of your subscribers like, what is their age, their gender, birthday, location, and so on. emarketing 23, a product of Brain Station 23 is a good example of an email marketing tool which can help the businesses to gather more and more information from the subscribers by allowing them to embed the customized form with emails. User can make forms according to their preference, asking for the information they want and send them easily to their subscribers.

2. Segment your subscribers/TGs

The time spent by the subscriber on an email indicates how relevant your email is to them. More relevant the email more will be the time they spend checking it out. Segmenting your email list based on demographic factors, user behavior (past purchase, website browsing history, buying frequency, etc) and their preferences can go a long way in creating relevant emails. According to a study, segmented campaigns perform far better than non-segmented ones. emarketing 23 allows you to segment your customers adding different conditions and help you to automate the segmentation process.

3. Personalized email

It has been said a million times over the years that personalization has worked and will always work for marketers. You can do something as simple as name personalization to subject line personalization to content personalization. Here is a personalized email from Beardbrand. It is a cart abandonment email sent to a subscriber who added a certain product in their cart but did not proceed to buy. It has a name as well as content personalization. Many would think now that is it possible to send everyone a personalized mail? Isn’t it time-consuming? The answer is No! Advance email marketing platforms like emarketing 23 allows you to just add the tags of the things you want to customize and they do the work for you. For example. If you add the tag of the name after your greeting in the mail, this platform will automatically add the first name of all the user individually in the mail before sending. This way your data can be used to customize super personalized emails.

4. Timing is important

Isn’t it difficult to know when your subscriber is ready to or in the mood to open and check your email? So, as you begin an email relationship with a new subscriber, you need to send emails on different days and different times of the day to check when they open and engage with your email. It will take a few campaigns to figure out, but it’s worth the time. Time zone customization is also a vital aspect. If you have a subscriber based in a time zone different from where you are placed, make sure you figure out the preferred time for receiving an email according to their time zone. With eMarketing 23 email marketing platform

5. Leverage the benefit of doing data-driven email marketing on special days

We all feel special when someone wishes us on our birthday or sends gifts for us. The same can be applied to your business emails. Emails that you send to your subscribers on a special day be it their special occasion or yours, help to build a strong bond. You can easily collect their birth date in various ways; now is the time to use the data. Sending personalized wishes along with a small discount for them on their birthday is a great gesture. This will help your business to convert more and more one-time customers/potential customers into retaining customers.

Data is the most valuable component in today’s world. Utilizing business data is very much important while communicating with customers. A data-driven communication platform and a communication strategy can take your business into new heights by on-boarding new customers every day.

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