Australian Global College: Empowering Education Through Customized Learning Solution

Australian Global College (AGC) is a renowned educational institution focused on delivering high-quality global education. As a Registered Training Organization (RTO), AGC provides nationally recognized qualifications for both local and international students.  

Brain Station 23 and AGC collaborated together to improve their e-learning platform, Moodle, and enhance its deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Their aim was to establish a secure, scalable, and efficient infrastructure accommodating various programs. Additionally, AGC wanted to customize Moodle to cater to their specific educational requirements. 


  1. AGC faced scalability issues, security concerns, and customization needs in their existing Moodle platform. 
  2. We deployed AWS infrastructure, implemented advanced security measures, and customized Moodle for optimal performance and tailored user experience. 
  3. AGC attained scalable, secure, and personalized online education, enriching the learning experience for all. 


Scalability Issues: One of the major pain points for AGC was the lack of scalability in their existing infrastructure. With increasing user demand, their Moodle deployment struggled to handle the growing number of users. This resulted in slow performance and downtime. 

Security Concerns: AGC faced security challenges, especially concerning student data.  The existing infrastructure lacked robust security measures, making it vulnerable to potential data breaches. Addressing these concerns was crucial to maintaining the trust of students, parents, and staff. 

Compliance Requirements: Educational institutions are often subject to various regulations and compliance standards, such as data protection laws. AGC needed to improve their security measures not only to protect student data but also to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.  

Customization Needs: AGC desired customization options within their Learning Management System (LMS). Customization is essential for tailoring the LMS to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the educational institution, creating a more personalized and user-friendly experience for students and faculty. 

User Experience Enhancement: AGC sought ways to improve how students and faculty interacted with the LMS. A smooth and intuitive interface can significantly impact engagement and learning outcomes. Customization, along with other improvements, was necessary to create an LMS environment that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. 

Staff Training Needs: The staff at AGC needed training in effectively managing and updating content within Moodle. Without proper training, utilizing the LMS to its full potential was challenging. Adequate training ensures that educators can leverage the platform optimally. 

Our Comprehensive Solution for AGC: Transforming Online Learning

Enhanced Hosting Infrastructure: In response to AGC’s needs, we established a robust hosting setup on Amazon Web Services (AWS). By tailoring servers and databases, we ensured rapid, secure, and reliable access for all online classes and exams. This upgrade significantly improved the platform’s overall performance and responsiveness. 

Advanced Security Protocols: An important concern was the safety of student data. To address this, we implemented advanced security measures, including encrypted data storage and real-time threat monitoring. These measures guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of student information, creating a secure online learning environment. 

Intuitive User Experience Redesign: Acknowledging the significance of user-friendly design, we revamped the platform’s interface. Our focus was on effortless navigation, ensuring an intuitive experience for both students and educators. We seamlessly integrated interactive features, fostering active participation and collaboration among users. 

Content Customization and Training in Moodle: Dedicated to enhancing AGC’s online environment, we customized Moodle for optimized content organization. Intuitive navigation, efficient search functions, and visually appealing branding were implemented. AGC’s staff received in-platform (within Moodle) training, empowering educators to manage content, create engaging courses, and interact effectively with students. 

 System Optimization for Cost-Efficiency:Optimizing the system architecture was essential for sustainable operations. By eliminating redundancies and streamlining resources, we ensured cost-effectiveness without compromising performance. This approach maximized the platform’s efficiency, making the most out of the available resources. 

Through these strategic measures, AGC’s online learning environment was transformed into a smooth, secure, and engaging platform, benefiting both students and educators alike. 


Limitless Scalability: The AWS deployment architecture has equipped AGC’s Moodle platform to gracefully handle surges in user demand, guaranteeing a seamless experience for both students and faculty. 

Enhanced Security: We’ve strengthened the security of AGC’s student data with advanced measures, meeting industry standards. This builds trust among AGC’s stakeholders, fostering confidence in the platform’s safety. 

Personalized Learning Experience: Our tailored Moodle platform has made organizing content and navigation effortless. It’s created an engaging and user-friendly environment, making a lasting impact on both students and educators. 

Smooth Content Management: AGC’s staff received training that makes managing content in Moodle easy and efficient. This keeps the platform always fresh and relevant, benefiting the entire learning

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