CityRemit: Ensuring Instant and Secure Cross-Border Remittances

Cross border remittance app

In response to the growing need for efficient cross-border financial transactions, City Bank recognized the importance of building a remittance app. This initiative aimed to facilitate remitters living in Malaysia, enabling them to send money seamlessly through a cross-border banking remittance channel app to various countries. To address this need, we developed a cross-platform application for end users, compatible with both Android and iOS devices.  

A remittance app is essential in today’s financial landscape, offering a swift and secure way to transfer money. The global reach of remittance apps is particularly crucial for individuals working abroad, enabling them to support their families seamlessly.  


  1. The remittance process was burdensome, time-consuming, and insecure, leading to delays and restricted access for users. 
  2. CityRemit is a user-friendly cross-platform application that streamlines the entire remittance process, including registration, verification, and secure transactions. 
  3. With over 50,000 downloads, CityRemit has gained significant market trust. The platform ensures cost-effective, timely, and secure cross-border transactions, effectively meeting the needs of its users. 

Challenges Before Digital Remittance App:

Before the adoption of digital remittance platforms, various challenges complicated the remittance process: 

  • Conventional Processes: Remitters were required to visit banks, completing extensive forms and providing detailed information for each transaction. Manual complexes in these processes led to prolonged timelines for fund transfers. 
  • Delayed Transactions: Traditional methods resulted in extended waiting periods for both senders and recipients. Delays were primarily due to paperwork, rigorous verification processes, and manual handling of transactions. 
  • Limited Access to Banks: Access to banking facilities posed a significant challenge, especially for individuals in geographically remote areas. The absence of nearby banks hindered the prompt initiation of remittance transactions. 
  • Unreliable Alternatives: Without a digital remittance framework, senders resorted to less secure methods. Informal channels and poorly structured money transfer services posed risks to the security of financial transactions. 


cityremit app user journey

To address the challenges outlined earlier, we developed a comprehensive solution (City Remit) for city bank in the form of a cross-platform application, catering to both Android and iOS users. The app allows Bangladeshi expatriates along with other 7 countries living in Malaysia to transfer money to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.  CityRemit, streamlines the remittance process for users through the following steps: 

  • User Registration 
  • KYC Verification 
  • Approval Process 
  • Transaction Security Measures 
  • Beneficiary Management 
  • Money Transfer Process 
  • Currency Conversion and Control 
  • Transaction History and Management 
  • Language Support 

The user-friendly platform offers three convenient modes of transfer: cash pickup, account transfer, and mobile wallet. This ensures not only instant transactions but also a safe and secure remittance experience. 

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: The KYC verification process ensures robust security measures, aligning with regulatory standards. This not only instills confidence in users but also positions CityRemit as a trustworthy and compliant financial platform. 

  • Efficient User Onboarding: The simplified registration process, including document submission and automated retrieval of passport information, minimizes friction for users. This efficiency contributes to a positive user experience, attracting and retaining a broader user base. 

  • Authorization Control with Transaction PIN: The introduction of a transaction PIN adds an extra layer of authorization, reinforcing the app’s security. This measure ensures that only authorized users can access and execute transactions within the CityRemit platform. 

  • Seamless User Experience: The intuitive design of the app, coupled with features like beneficiary management and multiple language support, fosters a seamless user experience. This simplicity encourages user engagement and satisfaction. 

  • Flexibility in Transaction Modes: Offering multiple modes for money transfer, including Wallet transfer, Cash Pick up, and online transfer options like ‘FPX,’ enhances the app’s versatility. Users can choose the method that best suits their preferences and needs. 

  • Transparent and Trackable Transactions: The app’s features, such as real-time tracking, request annulment, and transaction history, contribute to transparency. Users can track and manage their transactions, providing them with a sense of control and confidence in using CityRemit. 


Market Adoption and User Trust: CityRemit has demonstrated significant market adoption, boasting over 50,000 downloads. This milestone not only signifies the widespread recognition of the platform but also underscores the trust placed in CityRemit by a substantial user base. 

Cost-Effective Transactions:  Users can send money to their country with CityRemit, benefiting from favorable exchange rates and low transaction fees. This cost-effective approach enhances the value of financial support sent to loved ones. 

 Timely Financial Support:  The platform guarantees prompt transfer times, ensuring that financial support reaches recipients in a timely manner. This commitment to efficiency underscores CityRemit’s dedication to meeting the urgent needs of its users. 

Robust Security Measures: The platform employs stringent security measures to safeguard every transfer, instilling confidence in users that their financial transactions and sensitive information are protected. 


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