Comparison Among Top 5 Open Source ERP Solutions

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In my previous article, I tried to point out the positive sides of adopting open source ERP over the expensive commercial ones. There are so many open source ERPs in market. But you have to choose the right one that fits to your business demands.

In this article, I will shed light on five booming open source ERPs. Plus i will give a detailed module specific comparison among the particular top 5 open source ERPs.


Business Size: Fit for all size of business

Platform: Online, On-Premise, Mobile

Odoo is one of the leading open source ERP softwares that has been in the market for the last 12 years. With strong technical foundations, Odoo framework is one of the unique one in the market. Most importantly, it provides top-notch usability that scales across all apps. Odoo’s powerful and easy integrable ERP system. It enables interactions of marketing, sales, quality control, products processes, supply lines, stocks and many other areas within a single database.

For its consistent stability and regular updates for the clients, Odoo has become one of the best open source ERP in the market. This flexible platform also make the customization process easy for its users, even if they have the least technical knowledge on this platform. With the “On-premise” offer, Odoo is the most installed business software in the world these days. It is used by over 3.000.000 users worldwide ranging from startup companies (1 user) to large enterprises (of more than 300,000+ users).


Business Size: Fit for all size of business

Platform: Online, On-Premise, Mobile

Dolibarr ERP is another popular open source ERP like Odoo downloaded 129,000 times. It comes with everything an ERP needs, including accounting, CRM, HR, inventory module etc. Probably, Dolibarr is a great option for businesses with in-house tech teams and those that want to be a part of a bigger ERP community. Cloud installations are possible, though you might be better off outsourcing to one of Dolibarr’s hosting partners. Prominent for the availability in all popular languages.


Business Size:  Fit for mainly small to mid-sized business

Platform: Online, On-Premise, Mobile

ADempiere is another best open source ERP solution. This business suite has an industrial strength to combines ERP, CRM and SCM support for an overall business process. ADempiere also provides a framework for extending and customizing to meet business needs.


Business Size:  Basically for for retail based business.

Platform: Online, On-Premise, Mobile

Openbravo is a retail-focused ERP based on a modular system. The software comes in three “flavors” depending on the needs of your organization. Openbravo Community edition is the free release, offering a stripped down version of the paid Enterprise and Professional editions. These editions include some premium, commercial modules – like financial management and inventory management – that many businesses find necessary.

VIENNA Advantage

Business Size: Fit for all size of business

Platform: Online, On-Premise, Mobile

VIENNA Advantage is another prominent open source ERP out of Germany. The core product includes an ERP and CRM that the rest of the solutions revolve around. The platform of this ERP software is web-based. You can easily access it across devices without having to worry about some of the nitpicky compatibility issues that plague small businesses. Plus it also offer two cloud-based hosted solutions. One for SMBs and one for enterprise clients.

Now, as I promised at the starting of my article that I will provide a detailed comparison between the mentioned open source ERP solutions (based on modules). Here you go,

//Red color means that those features are not available in that Open Source ERP

Main Functionality

OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Project ManagementProject ManagementProject ManagementProject ManagementProject Management
Business IntelligenceBusiness IntelligenceBusiness IntelligenceBusiness IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence
Human ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman Resources
Sales & MarketingSales & MarketingSales & MarketingSales & MarketingSales & Marketing
Supply ChainSupply ChainSupply ChainSupply ChainSupply Chain
Business size
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Small-Medium BusinessesSmall-Medium BusinessesSmall-Medium BusinessesSmall-Medium BusinessesSmall-Medium Businesses
Large EnterprisesLarge Enterprises Large EnterprisesLarge Enterprises
Accounting Based Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Accrual-Based CostingAccrual-Based CostingAccrual-Based CostingAccrual-Based CostingAccrual-Based Costing
Analytic AccountingAnalytic AccountingAnalytic AccountingAnalytic AccountingAnalytic Accounting
Tax PreparationTax PreparationBank ReconciliationBank ReconciliationBank Reconciliation
Bank ReconciliationBank ReconciliationBilling & InvoicingBilling & InvoicingBilling & Invoicing
Billing & InvoicingBilling & InvoicingBudgeting & ForecastingBudgeting & ForecastingBudgeting & Forecasting
Budgeting & ForecastingBudgeting & ForecastingTax PreparationTax PreparationTax Preparation
Business Intelligence Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Custom DashboardsCustom DashboardsCustom DashboardsCustom DashboardsCustom Dashboards
Predictive AnalyticsPredictive AnalyticsPredictive AnalyticsPredictive AnalyticsPredictive Analytics
Role-Based DashboardsRole-Based DashboardsRole-Based DashboardsRole-Based DashboardsRole-Based Dashboards
Custom ReportsCustom ReportsCustom ReportsCustom ReportsCustom Reports
CRM Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Call Center SupportCall Center SupportCall Center SupportCall Center SupportCall Center Support
Contact ManagementContact ManagementContact ManagementContact ManagementContact Management
Customer Self-ServiceCustomer Self-ServiceCustomer Self-ServiceCustomer Self-ServiceCustomer Self-Service
Field Service ManagementField Service ManagementField Service ManagementField Service ManagementField Service Management
Sales Force AutomationSales Force AutomationSales Force AutomationSales Force AutomationSales Force Automation
Estimating & QuotingEstimating & QuotingEstimating & QuotingEstimating & QuotingEstimating & Quoting
Help DeskHelp DeskHelp DeskHelp DeskHelp Desk
Knowledge BaseKnowledge BaseKnowledge BaseKnowledge BaseKnowledge Base
eCommerce Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Custom DesignCustom DesignCustom DesignCustom DesignCustom Design
Custom PricingCustom PricingCustom PricingCustom PricingCustom Pricing
Customer ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCustomer Reviews
Shopping CartShopping CartShopping CartShopping CartShopping Cart
HR Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Employee Self-ServiceEmployee Self-ServiceEmployee Self-ServiceEmployee Self-ServiceEmployee Self-Service
Performance ReviewPerformance ReviewPerformance ReviewPerformance ReviewPerformance Review
Leave ManagementLeave ManagementLeave ManagementLeave ManagementLeave Management
Time & AttendanceTime & AttendanceTime & AttendanceTime & AttendanceTime & Attendance
Inventory Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Fleet ManagementFleet ManagementFleet ManagementFleet ManagementFleet Management
Inventory ForecastingInventory ForecastingInventory ForecastingInventory ForecastingInventory Forecasting
Reorder TriggersReorder TriggersReorder TriggersReorder TriggersReorder Triggers
Maintenance Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Capital ProjectsCapital ProjectsCapital ProjectsCapital ProjectsCapital Projects
Energy ManagementEnergy ManagementEnergy ManagementEnergy ManagementEnergy Management
Fixed AssetsFixed AssetsFixed AssetsFixed AssetsFixed Assets
Manufacturing Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Quality ManagementQuality ManagementQuality ManagementQuality ManagementQuality Management
Change ControlChange ControlChange ControlChange ControlChange Control
Lean ManufacturingLean ManufacturingLean ManufacturingLean ManufacturingLean Manufacturing
Project Management Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Resource ManagementResource ManagementResource ManagementResource ManagementResource Management
Gantt ChartsGantt ChartsGantt ChartsGantt ChartsGantt Charts
Issue TrackingIssue TrackingIssue TrackingIssue TrackingIssue Tracking
Sales & Marketing Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
A/B TestingA/B TestingA/B TestingA/B TestingA/B Testing
Marketing AutomationMarketing AutomationMarketing AutomationMarketing AutomationMarketing Automation
Web AnalyticsWeb AnalyticsWeb AnalyticsWeb AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Email/SMS MarketingEmail/SMS MarketingEmail/SMS MarketingEmail/SMS MarketingEmail/SMS Marketing
Lead ManagementLead ManagementLead ManagementLead ManagementLead Management
Supply Chain Management Features
OdooDolibarrAdempiereVienna AdvantageOpen Bravo
Bid ManagementBid ManagementBid ManagementBid ManagementBid Management
Demand ForecastingDemand ForecastingDemand ForecastingDemand ForecastingDemand Forecasting
Inspection of GoodsInspection of GoodsInspection of GoodsInspection of GoodsInspection of Goods
Order to CashOrder to CashOrder to CashOrder to CashOrder to Cash
Product ConfiguratorProduct ConfiguratorProduct ConfiguratorProduct ConfiguratorProduct Configurator
Request for ProposalRequest for ProposalRequest for ProposalRequest for ProposalRequest for Proposal
Supplier Self ServiceSupplier Self ServiceSupplier Self ServiceSupplier Self ServiceSupplier Self Service

Back in 2016, We decided to go after ERP based services. We found Odoo as one of the most convenient and efficient open source platform to work on. Our target was to serve all industry specific businesses. So, we went for Odoo as this open source ERP offers variant modularity along with customization facility. This internationally recognized open source ERP has been in the market for 12 long years having a huge customer base. It also give us the privilege to categorize our service into industry specific products. Visit our website ERP 23 to know more about our services. We have a talented team of Odoo developers and consultants dedicated to serve you the best ERP solution in Bangladesh. Plus we are the credible Odoo partner of Bangladesh to move towards digital transformation with business automation both locally and globally with an end to end solution.

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