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This year in SoftExpo, the visitors’ number crossed the limit of last years which, indicates that more people both industrial and non-industrial mass are keen to know the newest technologies local companies are working on…


Are we ready for the next realities: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mix Reality?

Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality & mix reality are now the talk of every tech event taking place around the world. I have heard people debating on which one is better than the other when the comparison doesn’t actually justify the points that they have been debating on with. But the important question is do we really understand the proper definitions of these tech terms? Let’s find out…

Company News

Brain Station 23 showcased at Digital World 2017

Brain Station 23, the best IT company in Bangladesh, concluded its service and product showcase at the country’s biggest IT expedition, Digital World 2017, drawing a record number of visitors this year.

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IT Industry in Bangladesh and Brain Station’s Journey Till Today

IT Startup ecosystem in Bangladesh is still very young, but over the years few initiatives are born to support the local entrepreneurs. The early startups hadn’t had the privileges that the startups nowadays get. So the first startup companies in Bangladesh who have now matured are the ones who have learned their ways in IT industry through rising and grind.


Partnership with Odoo

In 2016, we became Odoo’s partner to help ERP world the best possible way. Already we have Odoo clients from the US and Bangladesh doing customization, integration, and implementation work. A dedicated team of Odoo developers, business analyst and implementers are ready to serve the clients the best way for ERP implementation, Odoo implementation, customization, and integration with other platforms. After a lot of research and market study, we believe, Odoo is the best possible ERP available for both national & global market. So, we’ve become Odoo’s partner for making our client’s business successful by understanding the customer need, then customizing, integrating and implementing Odoo with proper Odoo support.