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CO-WELL AR Room Planner

Service Provided: AR Solution

CO-WELL is home to more than 400 specialists and engineers working in Tokyo and Miyazaki (Japan), Hanoi and Da Nang (Vietnam). They are providing software development solutions for the Japanese market and Japanese standard services for the Vietnam market in the field of Business Solutions, E-Commerce, AR-VR Service, Web & App Development and Software Testing Service.

Customers prefer to visualize before purchasing any product. Planning the decoration of a room is quite tiresome and time-consuming. Demonstrating an interior design without proper planning is very expensive. Improper placement of light can ruin the overall decoration of a room. Existing services are not able to match with real dimensions of the furniture and other appliances. Existing apps can not determine the differences between floor and wall. Changes in one layer cause changes in all the layers. Again, latency in the detection of the surface causes mobility issues for the application.


  • The Room Planner application helps to visualize any interior design of a room. Users can apply virtual paint and different textures on the wall. Users can add multiple decoration stuff like paintings, electronic appliances on the wall. Users can add a curtain to the wall and check the suitability of the design.
  • The app catalogue includes furniture and various decor elements. It gives the opportunity of virtual placement of any of the furniture elements from their store. The 3D images are quite accurate and can сonvey the real-life sizes. Comparing 3D furniture with real dimensions provides customers with the best understanding of how good each object will suit their place. Each AR model leads to all necessary information regarding the product.
  • Users can add light to the wall which gives them an overall idea of the lighting mode of the room. Users can choose different shades of light as well.
  • The app allows users to easily add, remove, or move items around the room, select and change their colour, zoom in to see each detail. Users can change the texture of the floor and wall while having other elements on it. The textures of the floor and wall do not affect each other.


The app has increased the overall customer experience. This helps in increasing the engagement with the users. The users can have real-life experience and boost up customer satisfaction. The app enables unique opportunities and interactive experiences. The app can detect any surface within 3 seconds. It provides mobility in the services they offer. The app can generate a boost In brand loyalty and help in the promotion of brands. By using this app, the store itself goes to the customers. It helps customers in saving their time and reaching a quicker decision.

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