Our Services

We create a dynamic business impact with our innovative and intuitive cloud services for all your digital essentials.

Cloud Migration

We will make sure your migration is quick, without disruption, and sets you up to reduce costs, automate, and easily take advantage of your data

Cloud Consultancy

Whatever your business case may be, we’ll help define your cloud road-map and help you to take advantage of the new cloud-based solutions

Billing in BDT

Our managed billing gives you a simplified view into your cloud costs and allows you to pay bills though us in BDT with a minimal service charge


Our DevOps teams focus on development & precision in the flexibility of Cloud to deliver a high velocity in service standard. We follow on-the-go pricing strategy

Cloud Maintenance

Our Tech support and Maintenance services are designed to protect your Cloud software environment while it is running in production. We supports our clients whenever they need us

Managed Service

We monitor all your cloud issues and threats in your public cloud offering reliable cloud services with a combination of flexibility, scalability and validation

Our Clients