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Since its evolution, City Bank has served as an example of development, earning widespread praise for its many qualities. City Bank has chosen to lead the way in technological advancements by adhering to global standards.


A digital platform for remittance sending is an essential need for both remitters and receivers. A digital platform helps to ensure that money is transferred quickly and securely. Previously, when there was no digital platform, remitters had to go to the bank and provide details in order to send money to their country/destination. This whole process used to take a lot of time, and the receiver had to wait a certain period to receive the money. Sometimes, due to the unavailability of a digital app, remitters were forced to take other, less reliable methods of sending money. Therefore, a digital platform for remittance sending was required in order to improve the experience for both remitters and receivers.


To address the above issue, we built a cross platform application for the end users, available for both Android and iOS users. Remitters can download the app from their respective app stores and complete the registration process. To register, users need to select their nationality, input their contact number, and select their ID type; with ID type, all necessary info needs to be given. The system will then send a 6-digit OTP to the respective mobile number. Once the OTP is inserted, the user will be redirected to the ‘Create New Password’ page with a successful alert.

After the password is set, the user can proceed to submitting documents online or visit a branch location for KYC verification. If the user clicks on the ‘Skip’ button, they will be able to log in to the app but not use any of its features.

The process of signing up for CityRemit is designed to be quick and easy. Users can scan their Passport/IC and for passport, the system will retrieve information from image automatically. To complete the registration process, date of issue and NID number (only for Bangladeshi) need to be given in respective fields. After inputting all necessary info, the user can scan their visa. After submitting picture, signature user can check out the nearest CBL branches or contact to CBL MT officer. A sign-up request will be sent to CBL Admin, upon completing all the steps. If the request gets approved the users will be notified through push notification. By logging in to the app with valid credentials; user will be redirected to ‘Set Transaction PIN’ page. This whole process ensures that only authorized users can access the app and that sensitive personal data is securely stored.

The app allows users to manage their beneficiaries and add new ones as needed. To send money, the user needs to create a request through the app and select the destination, desired payment mode, and beneficiary. If the transfer account info and user’s info do not match, the user will be redirected to the ‘On Behalf Transaction’ page. Additionally, money can be sent through Wallet transfer mode or Cash Pick up Mode. For online transfer select ‘FPX’ transfers possible in both modes.

The app provides a secure way to send money to multiple countries. The user can see the conversion rate between the source country and the remittance country. The user can also request annulment of a transaction. If a customer wrongly set a request, he can make it null. The user can also cancel or refund the request to a certain limit. The app also provides a way to see transfer history and download/share transaction receipts. Additionally, the app allows the user to change their email and password. The app also supports multiple languages.


The remittance market is huge and growing every day. With the help of a digital app, remitters can easily send money without any hassle. People working in Malaysia can transfer money instantly and securely to countries including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The app makes the whole process automatic, saving time and manpower. Easy to access and use, the app promotes easy money transferring. This leads to increased consumer rate for the respective clients. By making it easier for people to send money, the app can help to improve the lives of remitters and the receivers around the world.



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