City Bank: Digitalizing Banking with CityTouch


City Bank, one of the pioneering banks in Bangladesh, recognized the need to evolve with the rapidly changing pace of technology. To stay ahead in the banking sector and meet the demands of consumers, City Bank embarked on a journey towards digitalization.

With a vision to enhance customer experience and streamline banking operations, City Bank partnered with Brain Station 23 to develop an internet banking software and a mobile application.


  • City Bank Teamed up with Brain Station 23 to make CityTouch.
  • 446,000+ City Touch Users in 2022.
  • Integration of Biometric Features Enhanced User Experience.

Client Background

City Bank wanted to strengthen its position in the market by embracing digital transformation. 

Recognizing the need to adapt to changing consumer preferences and market dynamics, City Bank pursued digital initiatives to enhance customer engagement and expand its reach across Bangladesh.

Challenges City Bank Faced

City Bank faced the challenge of meeting the increasing demands of consumers while ensuring seamless banking experiences. 

City Bank faced a big challenge in digitizing services and bringing in new solutions. To stay ahead in banking, they had to fully embrace digitalization and overcome traditional barriers.

Solution: CityTouch - Digital Banking

Brain Station 23 rose to the challenge by developing CityTouch, an award-winning internet banking solution, and a feature-rich mobile application. Employing a simple design and the best development practices, Brain Station 23 ensured that CityTouch provided a seamless banking experience across various smartphone operating systems. 

The solutions developed included web and mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, along with MYCA for card management.


The collaboration between City Bank and Brain Station 23 showed remarkable results, bringing City Bank to the forefront of the digital finance market in Bangladesh. 

With CityTouch, City Bank introduced a globally acclaimed internet banking solution. In terms of digital banking statistics, City Bank had 446,894 CityTouch users in 2022. The digitization of services through CityTouch facilitated financial inclusion goals, extending the bank’s reach to remote regions. 

The impact of CityTouch extended beyond mere user numbers, as evidenced by the substantial transaction volume and income generated through the platform. CityTouch facilitated transactions exceeding USD 3 billion, which earned the company a total income of USD 430 thousand in 2022 alone.

Moreover, less than 3% of Employee Banking customers had to visit a branch for banking service as a consequence of CityTouch augmentation. The seamless integration of biometric authentication and innovative features such as fund transfer via email enhanced the overall user experience, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, the partnership between City Bank and Brain Station 23 showcases how digital innovation transforms banking. City Bank embraced technology and visionary leadership, emerging as a leader in Bangladesh’s digital finance scene. With CityTouch, the bank not only succeeded but also raised the bar for customer-centric banking.

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