Brain Station 23 exploring global marketing strategies at CMS Asia Singapore, 2017

The ASEAN edition of the largest Content Marketing Summit of Asia Pacific or Indian subcontinent took place for the first time in Singapore this October 2017. A team of Brain Station 23 took the floor to explore the global marketing strategies of the content sea attending the summit last week.

Content Marketing Summit is happened to be the event of premier gettogether of greatest minds, savvy brands, innovative technology leaders and global leading marketing practitioners. All these like-minded people meet together, for one thing, that is how to create, share and market the content better on the web for the greater purpose. It’s not a new discipline rather the expanded creation of today’s advanced digital media growing the number of ever-increasing social traffics. Hence, the ways reach out the right clientele at the right time and place with perfect service/products better get a strategic structure right now before foredooming into the content sea.

Brain Station 23 concerns and priorities the social clientele and image on the global platform. Hence, with a stake in marketing, brand management, digital/social media plan & execution to lead the global industry made its presence on the CMS Asia 2017 premiere. Our marketing team took the chance to arm themselves with necessary ideas, strategic knowledge base and tools to transform the business into a potent brand. The team after returning back to the regular workstation, have shared their experience of learned new strategies to expand capabilities so that Brain Station 23 stays not limited by the ability of any advertising/digital / social agency partners rather build its own very strong service/product focused images on the market.

Picture from: CMS Asia on Twitter!

Brain Station’s marketing team emphasized of being overwhelmed by the warm response they received from the marketing fraternity there. The whole conference day was full of sessions and talks of C-suited speakers, content specialists, representative of the global and Asian tech giants and marketing strategists. Brain Station maintains a continued focus on integrating content marketing into the traditional marketing ecosystem to create a perfect brand image aligned with the organizational vision to lead. Marketing and Strategy leads of the Global platforms like LinkedIn, Google, Salesforce, AnSys, Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo, Uber among others have partnered with the summit in past editions. The format of the conference was a mix of Keynote Addresses from top experts, Panel Discussions, Content Marketing Masterclasses & Workshops. There was a balance of focus on both B2C as well as B2B Content Marketing allowing more and more variant industries and business to participate and gain from it. Historically, CMS Asia, since its inception four years back, is known as a neutral platform, which is completely knowledge-and-sharing-oriented with a packed agenda and a strong focus on individual learning and business networking.

When it comes to marketing your brand certain WH comes in the minds of every other CEOs or CMOs. What is your business objective, who is your audience, what do they need, what does your brand stand for? With those building blocks, you can build your content strategy. Most important is to know what you are trying to do with your content. How will your content provide value? And for the tech industry, the nightmare isn’t any lighted rather darkens the path to success since the technology makes the business even more competitive.

Our marketing team believes that, ROI is the toughest factor to deal with when it comes to content marketing for our products and services. We, therefore, distinguish the content marketing from social media marketing better. This reflects our product and service aligned industry oriented regular blogs, video content and others.

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