Where Brain Station 23 stands out as a unique ERP solution provider in Bangladesh

It’s a known fact that Enterprise Resource Planning software is the most crucial software system for any Enterprise Business. But when it comes to small and medium businesses we often see that many small and medium business organizations are yet to integrate their businesses with an ERP system. With a proper ERP your business can create a framework for which your business can plan its resources and with proper planning, any business can stand out in this hugely competitive market. But while choosing ERP it’s really tough to get the best ERP solution provider in the market.

We know every business has significant demands while it’s the concern for ERP integration. As businesses are different from one another in respect of category and operation ERP for each organization just demands certain customisation.

Now you have the option to go after the big names who provides ERP internationally. And those ERPs are mostly adopted by the MNCs or conglomerates of our country. Now, the fact about those ERPs is they got a huge modularity benefits and ready-made product and would be fast to implement if you have the budget. To whom BDT 2 crore license fee, 1 lakh training cost per person and US dollars of 5000 maintenance fee is not a big deal, they are more than welcome to go for such ERPs.

I know of many big companies who have implemented ERPs from the big names and later failed to incorporate the system properly with their businesses and that software become a burden at the end of the day. Because of the high maintenance cost, many couldn’t take the full advantage of the ERPs which could have brought a whole new shift to their businesses.

While many big companies are suffering with the ERP problems, small and medium companies will naturally hesitate to adopt ERP for their businesses. But while choosing the convenient ERPs for their organizations what are the major pain points that the businesses are facing these days? Well, let me point those for you.

Pain points that small and medium-sized businesses face while choosing an appropriate ERP-

  1. Businesses will be confused with the cheap ERP offers from the market.
  2. Cheap ERP vendors soon run out from the competitive market; therefore, businesses taking ERP from such vendors suffer in the long run.
  3. Most vendors offer ERP without customizations.
  4. After sales support from most of the ERP solution providers are nightmares

In this situation, businesses get confused easily to make the best decision for them. So how to choose when it’s a matter of the software which will be integrated with your business bringing it upward at a significantly higher level?. Let me help you on that point, where you hesitate to choose or to make a better decision for your business. 

Like in Brain Station 23, we are providing ERP solution with-

  • Odoo (internationally recognized open source ERP which is been in the market for 12 long years)
  • Customization facility
  • Training, maintenance and after-sales support
  • Full software delivery with source code even

Now there are few points to notice in this service offers.

Number 1: We are providing ERP with Odoo which is one of the best open source ERP, got 3 million users worldwide and has been in the market for last 12 years with consistent stability and regular updates for the clients. Plus the ERP offers variant modularity and has no license fee charges on the line (unless enterprise version). And as an ERP solution provider in Bangladesh and worldwide we have seen businesses doing great with Odoo implementation.

Number 2: The customization offer is an added advantage for any business which needs an ERP. Cause ERPs need to be customised according to business needs. And a perfectly curated ERP will not only add up to the business but also will ensure fruitful future business performance as well. And most of the ERP solution provider lacks that offer in Bangladesh.

Number 3: After ERP implementation it’s very important to do the knowledge transfer. Therefore, proper training is a must. Then after full delivery, you might need a maintenance service to keep the software fully functional if you don’t want to take any chance on that part. Though it’s not required to have maintenance support but by taking the maintenance you will always be in relief.

Number 4: For future software improvement or development or even customization, if you want to engage an in-house software engineer you are free to do so. That privilege is also there on the offer.

So you are not stuck at any point.

Read a partnership story among Brain Station 23 and Odoo:


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