Brain Station 23 at Digital World 2017 (Augmented and Virtual Reality: Present and Future)

While Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are largely considered to be the next major computing platforms, some Bangladeshi software development companies are working on these platforms at a limited scale considering its user base which is not present in our country. Last Saturday, 9th December 2017, Digital World 2017 (the biggest IT expedition of Bangladesh) arranged a seminar on AR/VR which was named as “Augmented and Virtual Reality: Present and Future” in the presence of the heads of companies working on AR and VR. The key motive of this seminar is to share the basic knowledge about AR/VR and the opportunities in this field.

As the speakers of this event of Digital World 2017 there were present Mr. Raisul Kabir, Founder & CEO of Brainstation-23; Mr. Mashnoon Kibria, CEO of Microtech Interactive; Mr. Tanvir Hossain Khan, Founder & CEO of Dreamerz Lab; Mr. Minhaz Us Salakeen Fahme, Co-Founder & Chairman of Battery Low Interactive; Mr. Nusrat Jahan, Founder & CEO of Interactive Artifact; Mr. Sidrat Talukder, Chairman of Ice9 Interactive and Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Rise Up Labs. Nearly 100 people attended the seminar including developers, researchers and people eager  to know about the new AR/VR technology. This was also a meet up of the digital world 2017 where all leading heads in AR/VR sector already working on different AR/VR projects. As there are scopes to work on different areas like Entertainments, Education, Medical Science and Commerce with AR/VR, these proficient peoples started to working on this advanced technology despite the lack of sufficient AR/VR developers and widgets need for development. Sharing knowledge on AR/VR can facilitate users, entrepreneurs, investors, developers and publishers and thus they share their journey and thoughts which makes them step into AR/VR world. Though the projects were adequate compared to the advanced technology, regarding the current circumstances of our country, they had created the milestone.

After sharing the experience of their work on AR/VR, people ask questions on different interests. Alike, people of a developing country like Bangladesh don’t have the wages to buy an Oculus Rift in general, how could they build an app that only runs on that special gadget?

Our CEO Raisul Kabir answered the question saying that the limitations are only in our head. There is nothing impossible and if there is a will there is a way. He also pointed that we may not have the ability to buy an expensive gadget but we can easily learn the coding language like c sharp so that we can be ready for the next step when it will come to us. Converted an app to an updated version is only possible if we know how to build the app. So we must be prolific when the opportunity will come to us.


He also explained a query that why we are yet not digging into the big projects of AR/VR like other developed countries. Every country has their different point of strength. We have to find out ours and work on that. As we have the strength of manpower, we can learn the basics of this technology so that when we have the scope to work on big projects, lack of knowledge will not limit our chance.


Brain Station 23 is working on this latest technology for past 2 years. We have dedicated our talented developers working on different AR/VR projects. One of our projects is Reality 23 by which real estate architecture can be shown in a 3D view which involves both AR and VR technology.

Furniture 23 is another app of Brain Station 23 which is the smartest way to help our customers to make a choice to furnish their home.

We also work for one of our clients based on Augmented Reality mobile app as a solution of customizable digital presentation of their products.

We are happy to be a part of this seminar of Digital world 2017 “Augmented and Virtual Reality: Present and Future” as one of the prominent software development company. Hope we will come up with more beneficial applications on AR/VR and create an instance for the new generation.

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