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Blockchain: Genesis

In this era of modern communication and knowledge sharing, it’s almost not necessary to discuss how blockchain works. There is no need of reinventing the wheel. Rather let’s try to share a personal journey in blockchain technology. See more…


Brain Station 23 at GITEX Technology Week 2018

GITEX is an enormous tech event for the tech-loving people from around the world as it gathers the most recent developments from all over the world under one roof. Big business names around the world attend the event to learn about all the new innovations and to build a network with tech industry specialists and influencers to unlock new business potential in collaboration with the tech leaders. See more…


Importance of Security in Software Development

  The software security field is an emergent property of a software system that a software development company can’t overlook. The concept demonstrates how developers,

mobile app

Why every business needs a mobile app?

With days passing by we are becoming more dependent on our tiny devices called mobiles. From shopping to traveling, looking for properties to booking an


Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the world’s fastest growing countries in IT industry right now. Our youths are the ones that changing the lifestyles and viewpoint


Innovating and Digitizing Insurance with Microservices

Insurance is a unique, process-oriented industry that poses a unique series of multifaceted challenges. To develop an effective Omni-channel Customer Experience, Brain Station 23 recommends to Integrate three primary technologies, Microservices Architecture, Containerization and Cloud Computing.