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Common Mistakes in Cross-platform development

Common mistakes in cross-platform development

If a developer can learn from other developers mistake that can add value in his skill of development. Therefore it’s encouraged to share development mistakes among fellow developers.


FDI Automation in Bangladesh

The meaning of FDI Automation is Foreign Direct Investment Automation. The Government of Bangladesh has put a comprehensive array of policies aimed at bringing about

it outsourcing

Potential of IT Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi economy is going to change drastically due to stepping into the digital economy in the coming years. There’s a huge global market for IT


Blockchain & AI Workshop in Dhaka by IBM and LICT

Recently IBM and LICT Bangladesh jointly arranged Blockchain & Ai workshop for Young Bangladeshi developers to enhance their knowledge on these latest technologies. Blockchain and Artificial

internet banking apps

Top 5 Internet Banking Apps in Bangladesh

The world of banking is changing fast in this constantly changing digitized environment  where demand of internet banking in the banking sector has become mandatory


Why Enterprises Choose AEM over WordPress

Both AEM and WordPress have some advantages and drawbacks depending on your business sizes and needs. Learn the exact points that will help you to choose between the right CMS for your business.