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Big Blue Communications

Service Provided: LMS Solution

Big Blue Communications is a dedicated agency for the development sector, specializing in creating skill training and eLearning materials for their clients. They have been utilizing Moodle as their learning management system, offering courses to regional workers across the globe. However, they faced challenges with their existing mobile app developed by a vendor, primarily related to the unsatisfactory UI design and lack of user-friendliness. Therefore, Big Blue Communications decided to develop a branded mobile app for Android and iOS platforms to enhance the UI design and provide a more user-friendly experience. They also aimed to incorporate a multilanguage feature into the app.


Big Blue Communications encountered several challenges with their existing mobile app. The UI design did not meet their expectations, resulting in a subpar user experience. The lack of user-friendliness posed difficulties for learners, hindering their engagement with the app’s content. As a result, there was a need to develop a new app that would address these issues and provide an improved learning experience. Additionally, Big Blue Communications wanted to incorporate a multilanguage feature to cater to learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


To overcome the challenges, we developed a comprehensive solution for Big Blue Communications’ branded mobile app. The new app features a visually appealing UI design, aligning with the agency’s branding guidelines and creating an intuitive user interface. User authentication functionality ensured that only authorized students could access the app, guaranteeing security and exclusivity. The course view capability enabled learners to navigate and access training modules effortlessly, providing a seamless learning journey. The integration of H5P elements introduced interactive content experiences, enhancing learner engagement. The inclusion of a book element provided additional learning resources, further enriching the educational experience. The quiz view was incorporated to facilitate interactive assessments and knowledge evaluation. Six colored themes were developed to reflect Big Blue Communications’ branding, creating a consistent and immersive learning environment. Moreover, multilanguage support would be implemented, enabling learners to choose their preferred language for a localized learning experience.


The development of the branded mobile app had a significant impact on Big Blue Communications and its learners. The improved UI design and user-friendliness enhanced the overall learning experience, resulting in higher engagement and satisfaction among learners. The multilanguage feature catered to learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. The user authentication functionality ensured that the app remained exclusive to authorized students, maintaining the privacy and security of the educational content. The incorporation of H5P elements and the book element enriched the learning experience by providing interactive and supplementary resources. The customized theme reflected Big Blue Communications’ branding, establishing a strong brand identity and enhancing the overall app experience. The quiz view enabled interactive assessments, allowing learners to test their knowledge and evaluate their progress. Collectively, these features and improvements positively impacted the effectiveness, engagement, and overall success of Big Blue Communications’ skill training and eLearning programs.



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Big Blue Communication

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