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No matter what era of human history, pharmaceuticals have played major roles in our survival. The pharmaceutical industry has grown to be so dynamic that the industry has adopted its own specialties and methods of operating. So serving the pharmaceutical industry- whether it comes to IT services or any other- requires a bespoke way of approach according to their industry demands. So the best pharmaceutical software service provider is the company that has extensively served the industry over the years and can anticipate the exact pain points of any pharmaceutical company.

We at Brain Station have been serving global pharmaceutical giants since we opened our doors in 2006. Throughout the years we have served both leading pharmaceutical enterprises and innovative start-ups around the world. From content management, to operations management, to database building, to process automation- we have implemented such solutions for both local and global pharmaceutical companies.

When developing any solutions, we are bound to abide by global regulations- whether it’s for pharmaceuticals or otherwise. So to develop pharmaceutical software solutions, we make sure our operations meet the Good Pharmaceutical Practices (GPP) standards, set internationally by the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). This helps our pharmaceutical clients use solutions that are not detrimental to the legal system, while maintaining the best industry standard. And our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) follows the FDA set rules of Computer System Validation (CSV), making sure that our solution for our pharmaceutical clients brings results that meets industry standards and quality attributes.

The best pharmaceutical software is not just limited to clinical software like Intelligent Medical Software, athenahealth, PrescribeWellness, Rcopia, and such. Like any great enterprise, the best pharmaceutical company requires process automation and content management solutions too. And thus Microsoft SharePoint and Adobe Experience Manager are also household names for best pharmaceutical software. Then there is the dependency on CRM practices in pharmaceutical industry- leading to the creation of Veeva, a salesforce application made specifically for pharmaceuticals and CRM of choice for many global pharmaceutical enterprises. And as technology advances, the applications of AI and Machine Learning are being brought to practice. So let me take you, dear readers, through some quick anecdotes on some of our work with leading pharmaceuticals around the world.

Our Work With Global Enterprises

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We had the pleasure of working with one of the most renowned European pharmaceutical enterprises. Recently a strategic joint partnership with another pharmaceutical enterprise has resulted in our client entering the markets in five new European countries: France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Belgium.

We have developed an HCP Portal that centers as a digital Web channel to enable multi-channel capabilities for the commercial business units in those five European countries. Full supply chain development project in the Adobe digital marketing platform is implemented  primarily using AEM and Google Analytics 360. And as  our partnership with this global pharmaceutical giant keeps on evolving, we will be employing the best pharmaceutical software solutions developed for enhancing the customer experience in the future- like an AI powered chatbot.

We worked for the German subsidiary of the US pharmaceutical leader, AbbVie. As one of the leading pharmaceutical enterprises, their sites and portals are required to be constantly updated. And a CMS platform was needed for the job- an enterprise level CMS specifically for the best CRM practices in the pharmaceutical industry. So Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) was the CMS solution of choice, and our AEM professionals stepped up to the plate.

We developed customer facing websites and portals using AEM- which delivers the latest news and contents to healthcare professionals. The contents are classified according to area of specialties, and there is also a Medical Education site. The whole solution comes with onboard analytics and personalization for the users. Now the AEM powered sites deliver news, event updates, digital product leaflets, emails, and product launches in a customized manner to the millions of users it serves, at an individual level.

Our Work With Regional Companies

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Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the leading pharmaceutical enterprises in Asia. And we have developed and implemented SharePoint CMS system for the pharmaceutical enterprise to automate content sharing. The solution now simplified the people’s collaboration, findings and information sharing for retaining knowledge and for better organizational performance. And the portal can be accessed from anywhere. Beximco operates a SharePoint Portal for smoother and faster organizational communication and resource sharing.

We also have developed numerous pharmaceutical software to handle the retail end of the business. Lazz Pharma is a leading drug store enterprise operating for over 45 years. We have developed web and mobile applications for them, dubbed ePharma. ePharma is a customer facing portal that brings Lazz Pharma to the digital medium. Now customers have an intuitive gateway to search, order, and pay for medicines online.

With that, the idea to sell medicine online is the lucrative option for any enterprise looking to become the best pharmaceutical company in town. And our pharmaceutical software of choice for this solution is the Mobile Sales Force Automation application (mSFA).

We have integrated mSFA pharmacy software for two leading pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh, Incepta Pharmaceuticals and Aristopharma Ltd. Implementing mSFA has allowed both pharmaceuticals to let medical professionals to manage inventory, automate requisition, and access medical reports. This in turn brought successful process automation for both Incepta Pharmaceuticals and Aristopharma Ltd., increasing sales as well as reducing costs for affiliated medical professionals.

Pharmaceutical Trends

With all our experiences gained, I firmly believe that we should have a steady focus on the future. So to look forward to the future, we have to see what sort of technological innovations and disruptions we can expect in the pharmaceutical industry.

I have noticed that the biggest technological changes are coming from AI based solutions. And that is not surprising considering that AI is a staple in the fourth industrial revolution. Machine Learning has enabled many healthcare institutions to track and learn about diseases at a much faster rate. And this helps medical professionals to test and analyze effects of medicines and vaccines with much efficiency- shaping to be one the best pharmaceutical software innovations. And according to McKinsey & Company, the main factors that will influence the future landscape of the industry involves introduction of AI enabled solutions and any fruits of disruption from the fourth industrial revolution.

Then there are the best process automation solutions for businesses. This is one of the most crucial areas of operations for multinational pharmaceutical enterprises. Pharmaceutical enterprises look for solutions that can handle numerous data and can guide professionals to the best possible approach. And with automation morphing into a reality rather more than just a buzz-word, this is the avenue any leading enterprise would like to implement to save time and cost.

And according to the Access Group, one of the implementations of best pharmaceutical software service is the precise quality control. As regulations are becoming more stricter, digital innovations are the best means to ensure proper quality control practices across the whole supply chain. And as the best CRM practices in pharmaceutical industry are being adopted, the demand for robust digital integration will only rise in the future for the industry.

So in concluding remarks, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the views of how we see the pharmaceutical industry. And now more than anything, I believe this is one of the industries that requires the best of the best technological innovations to operate in the grand scheme of things. And why wouldn’t it? The pharmaceutical industry has sustained our lives ever since medication has been discovered. And we at Brain Station are fully aware of the weight of any enterprise looking to be the best pharmaceutical company. And through our extensive work experience, we can provide the best of best pharmaceutical software service. So contact us to see how we help you to bring innovative solutions come to life!

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