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Berger Value Club

Berger is one of the leading paint solution providers in Bangladesh with a diversified product range that caters to all painting needs and also provides unparalleled services. Being the oldest company in the paint industry, Berger Paints is one of Bangladesh’s most technologically advanced companies. They not only serve their customers best but also try to maintain the best organizational automation as well.


  1. Uses advanced machine learning to help users find and match color shades instantly on any surface or image.
  2. A built-in Paint Calculator provides users with quick cost estimates for their painting projects.
  3. The platform features a Loyalty Program, rewarding users with gifts and benefits while helping the brand build a loyal customer base.


Users were not able to detect color shades from Berger Color Bank in real-time or captured images. It was not possible to practically visualize how the color shades from Berger Color Bank will suit the desired surface. Managing Online Painting Request from customers was a mentionable issue to solve. Users were unable to get proper cost estimation for painting as well. Users could not locate the nearby dealers and recommended paint stores.


  • Berger Value Club is the first digital painting platform in Bangladesh where user can visualize their walls using an extensive collection of over 5,000 shades. User can virtually apply different shades of colour to any surface in real-time, on captured images and preset images.

  • Our advanced machine learning feature helps the user match and find the colour shade name in real-time or any captured image.

  • Paint Calculator assists the user to get an estimated cost of painting. User can avail ‘Request Painting Service’ within a touch of a button. Besides getting access to Frequently Asked Questions, users can also submit their complaints regarding the service. The application finds and recommends paint stores nearest to the customer via Google Map as well.

  • The application allows user to participate in a Loyalty Program which avails exciting gifts and benefits from selected partners.


  1. Real-Time Visualization: Users can see how different colors will look on their walls in real-time, making decision-making easier.

  2. Cost Transparency: The Paint Calculator feature provides an immediate cost estimate, helping users budget effectively.

  3. Convenience: With the ‘Request Painting Service’ option, users can easily schedule a professional painting service.

  4. Location Services: The app helps users find the nearest paint stores, making it easier to purchase the right products.

  5. Customer Loyalty: The Loyalty Program not only rewards users but also encourages repeat business for Berger.


  1. Increased Sales: The platform’s ease of use and features have led to a rise in paint sales for Berger.

  2. Customer Satisfaction: Users appreciate the convenience and information provided, leading to positive reviews and feedback.

  3. Operational Efficiency: The digital platform has streamlined the process of receiving and managing painting service requests.

  4. Brand Loyalty: The Loyalty Program has successfully retained customers, leading to a stable customer base.

  5. Market Leadership: Being the first of its kind in Bangladesh, the platform has positioned Berger as a leader in technological innovation within the paint industry.

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