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FDI Automation in Bangladesh

The meaning of FDI Automation is Foreign Direct Investment Automation. The Government of Bangladesh has put a comprehensive array of policies aimed at bringing about

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Top 5 Internet Banking Apps in Bangladesh

The world of banking is changing fast In this constantly changing digitized environment  where demand of internet banking in the banking sector has become mandatory

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Internet Banking with Mobile Apps to Expand Banking Services in Bangladesh

For the world of convenience banking which lets people take control of their time. People are now choosing banks which are providing the most convenient Internet Banking solutions and are providing services with banking apps. Now, it’s a matter of time to see such drastic tech changes in banking in Bangladesh. Find more-


A Run for Revenue Growth: Internet Banking System

Driving a digital transformation is a comprehensively complex task for any business. The challenge is not as much in becoming ‘digital’ as in delivering the level of customer-centricity and value that the modern customer finds worth trusting and paying for. We promise to bring you that satisfaction reflecting on your revenue growth. And we have proof to stand our ground.

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Why every business needs a mobile app?

With days passing by we are becoming more dependent on our tiny devices called mobiles. From shopping to traveling, looking for properties to booking an


Future Challenges in Banking in Bangladesh

Banking in a global perspective is facing new challenges for every single day that are passing or coming in the future. If anyone asks me what are the problems that I see in the Banking sector in the upcoming days. I will say that meeting customer expectation, facing competition among the uprising fin-tech companies, increasing regulatory pressure, etc. will give some serious challenge to the banking sector globally.