Case Study

Australian Global College (AGC)

Service Provided: LMS Solution

Australian Global College (AGC) is a prestigious educational institution dedicated to providing high-quality global education. AGC sought assistance from Brain Station 23 to enhance their e- learning platform, Moodle, and optimize its deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The objective was to create a secure, scalable, and efficient infrastructure to support their diverse range of programs and courses, while also customizing the Moodle platform to meet their specific needs.


AGC faced several challenges in their existing Moodle deployment. The infrastructure lacked scalability, making it difficult to handle increasing user demand. Security measures needed improvement to protect student data and ensure compliance. Additionally, AGC desired customization options to organize content and enhance the user experience. The college also required training for their staff in effectively managing and updating content within Moodle.


Brain Station 23 proposed a comprehensive solution to address AGC’s challenges and achieve their goals. The solution included AWS Moodle deployment, Moodle customization, and Moodle training.

1. AWS Moodle Deployment:

Architecture: A three-tier architecture was designed, comprising EC2 instances for the application tier, Elastic Load Balancer for the web tier, and Amazon RDS for the database tier. This architecture ensured scalability, fault tolerance, and optimized performance. Security: Robust security measures were implemented, including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Security Groups, Network Access Control Lists (NACLs), and Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies. These measures safeguarded AGC’s data and ensured compliance with industry standards.

Monitoring: Amazon CloudWatch was utilized to monitor the health and performance of

AGC’s infrastructure, providing real-time insights and proactive troubleshooting.

Backup and Recovery: Amazon S3 was utilized to store backups, ensuring data durability, and enabling efficient disaster recovery. Amazon EC2 and Elastic Block Store (EBS) were leveraged to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Cost Optimization: AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Trusted Advisor were employed to monitor and optimize AGC’s cloud costs, identifying opportunities for cost reduction without compromising performance.

Load Testing: The system was thoroughly tested and optimized to handle the desired load, ensuring a seamless user experience for AGC’s students and faculty.

2. Moodle Customization:

Content and Theme Organization: Brain Station 23 customized the Moodle platform to improve content organization and enhance the overall user experience. This included designing intuitive navigation, implementing effective search functionality, and creating a visually appealing theme that aligns with AGC’s branding.

3. Moodle Training:

Content Management Training: AGC’s staff received comprehensive training on effectively managing and updating content within the Moodle platform. This training empowered them to create engaging courses, upload resources, and interact with students more efficiently.


The collaboration between AGC and Brain Station 23 resulted in significant positive outcomes:

Improved Scalability: The AWS deployment architecture ensured AGC’s Moodle platform could handle increasing user demand, providing a seamless experience to students and faculty.

Enhanced Security: The implemented security measures safeguarded student data and ensured compliance with industry standards, fostering trust and confidence among AGC’s stakeholders.

Customized User Experience: The Moodle platform customization enhanced content organization, navigation, and branding, resulting in an engaging and user-friendly learning environment.

Efficient Content Management:  The  training  provided  to AGC’s  staff  enabled  them  to effectively manage and update content within Moodle, ensuring the platform remains relevant and up to date.



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