AR VR in Fitness Industry

Exercises & going to a gym are not only beneficial to one’s health but also it can help you deal with your stress. It can quickly become a place for you to work those muscles and forget about all the troubles you had to face throughout the day. Most importantly according to research, staying active is part of our DNA, it helps to prevent many diseases & enables us to live longer as well. A healthy lifestyle prevents the risks of getting kidney, liver, heart, and bone diseases due to laziness and old age. But unfortunately, our modern lifestyles have made us very lazy sedentary human beings. Once we were hunter-gatherers, hard-working hardworking laborers , and survivalists, now we tend to sit behind a desk, in front of the TV/computer, use mechanical transport to go everywhere, and that unfortunate list goes on. Even more, these days, finding time to go to the gym center for workouts is quite challenging from our busy schedules.

On the other hand, the fitness industry has taken the worst hit in this pandemic, and even after the lockdown is lifted people are afraid to physically attend the gym center for their workout. Therefore, to make the fitness journey most enjoyable augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) playing a great role in this sector, in fact many gyms and fitness clubs are now employing AR-VR enabled gadgets and apps to make exercises more enjoyable & fun just from the comfort of home or even at a gym center as a result of this, the adoption of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in fitness centers is encouraging more individuals to stay active and enjoy their workouts. Most Surprisingly, with the virtual fitness market expected to hit almost 60 billion USD by 2027, people worldwide will be able to enjoy superior experiences enabled by tech-led training sessions.

So now you must be wondering how augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing the mode of the fitness industry? So, let’s explore-

There are various types of AR featuring gadget & apps for physical exercise namely games and workout apps that allows you to incorporate interactive aspects and play video games into your routines to make your virtual reality workouts more enjoyable at home or even at gyms outdoors.

When it comes to augmented reality fitness tools, some just operate with smartphones, while others require wearables (hands-free solutions), which can include, such as-

  • smart glasses that typically function in collaboration with numerous fitness applications
  • an augmented reality gadget wear on one’s head

As carrying a cell phone during training might be difficult, So, solutions requiring wearables are becoming increasingly popular. We can make exercises safer and more efficient by taking users’ hands off the bar.

How AR VR features can improve your workout app?

1. VR Fitness and Flexibility: You can take it a step further by including a hologram trainer feature in your gym app. Here users can project a virtual personal trainer in the gym or at home instead of traveling to the gym at a fixed time or even searching for workout videos or reading instructions. Users can work out at their own pace, time, and location, gym center wherever they feel they want to do. This is a simple approach to implementing augmented reality in your yoga or daily exercise session. The best part of this AR-VR device is that users might stroll around their coach while working out to observe how muscles function need to move just as like a personal trainer will show them how to strengthen body lines, lose weight, provide training instructions, among other things and by using software to keep track of their strength level, which can make a workout extra stimulating. Isn’t it sound interesting to incorporate AR VR into your workout routine as well?

2. Gamifying workout: You must make every workout as fun as possible. In fact, studies show that 44 percent of inactive persons do not exercise just because of it is not fun and AR can assist you with that. AR has the potential to make exercise more exciting by gamifying your workout, and reports on AR fitness games show tremendous results on it. Therefore, AR & VR for physical training allows you to include interactive elements and play exciting virtual reality video games into your routines, such as rowing machines, boxing, ping pong, zombie apocalypse, and yoga will allow people to do both, and may contribute to the pleasure and adventure of a full-body VR exercise. Most importantly, it is possible to video Livestream and work out with a group of friends or family members together digitally as well. Including augmented reality game aspects in workouts makes gaming physically more active and enjoyable, allowing users to achieve their fitness goals.

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3. Make user experience more immersive: When it comes to fitness, Virtual Reality is more concerned with providing immersive experiences, allowing users to interact with objects that are not physically present, whereas AR is concerned with presenting people with digital imagery that allows them to experience the real, physical environment, which can make a workout that much more memorable. However, AR varies greatly from VR in that it allows people to work out smarter by simulating a real-world environment with senses via computer-generated sensors.

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There are many more AR VR capabilities that can take your fitness facility to the next level that you could never have imagined, so let’s keep going –

4. Competition and Shared Experiences: Competing and exchanging experiences are two methods for improving every workout training. With the use of AR-VR enabled apps and devices, individuals can record their data to compare and compete with each other based on the workout score, kilometers done, and time taken, which can be shared from anywhere. This can encourage people to be more motivated, foster healthy competition, and simplify learning in the gym

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5. Keeps Track of Your Health: When a performer can see their progress, it can be a big motivator to keep going and reach their goals. However, doing so without the assistance of technology may be difficult, which is why AR and VR are becoming popular. These pieces of technology are used in certain apps to keep track of your workouts. The data provided by AR and VR fitness apps can assist you in determining the effectiveness of your workouts. It can also help you determine how many kilometers they need to cover, how many calories they’ve burned, and even which exercises you should do more of in order to optimize your workouts. Isn’t it as simple as tracking real-time statistics on your health progress with the use of AR and VR?

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AR VR can encourage people in new ways of exercise, establish new sports, and expand the community of individuals who enjoy fitness as a hobby, all while contributing to a better, happier world. No doubt, augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR) have the potential to transform the fitness sector by changing the way people think about fitness technology and it is also nothing new that AR & VR have a great impact not only on the fitness industry but also augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) play a major role in almost every industry including the retail sector as well. To know more, read the full blog: Use of AR VR in the retail industry. So, coming to the concluding part I hope this blog will assist you in incorporating numerous AR VR features into your everyday fitness practice as well.


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