Case Study


Service Provided: AWS Cloud Services

Apex4U is the e-commerce store of the biggest footwear company ‘Apex Footwear Ltd’ in Bangladesh.


  • Application loading performance was very slow.
  • As a big retail brand e-commerce there was much possibility of high visitor on campaign time.
  • Without cloud solution, it was tough to make a scalable solution.


  • Configured a cloud solution using EC2 as application server, RDS as database server and S3 for Picture storage gave a faster and smooth application loading performance experience.
  • AWS S3 integration with the e-commerce application for using S3 bucket as picture storage gave a smooth experience. So, application server or database server doesn’t has load for picture data response which is a big thing for an e-commerce site.
  • Multiple EC2 instances configured with Load Balancer solved high traffic handling by distribution on business sale campaign time.

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