Case Study

AKS Pharmaceutical

Service Provided: Full Fledged ERP Solution

AKS Khan Holdings is a trading, investment and operating company that aggressively identifies and acquires companies in which it can leverage their strengths to generate superior earnings or market value. And AKS Pharmaceutical is one of their concerns. AKS Pharmaceutical needed a full fledged ERP solution to manage their business. They want specific modules which will be fully integrated with their business to manage all the process from one place.


We used Odoo (Open source ERP Solution) to develop the ERP solution for them as we have the best developers working on this platform for a long time. We help them to implement HR, POS, Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory , Branch & Requisition Management. Now, they can generate all kinds of required reports, data and maintain business flow. Also, they can access any kind of information by few clicks.


With this solution, now they have automated their all required functions. Therefore, HR Manager can store all kind of required information for a employee. Also, Admin can track every sales, every product after sales through POS, maintain purchase flow through different vendor, track every inventory product. Now they cab manage their organizations every transaction thorough accounting module, generate various financial reports. Thus, this process accelerated and made their work faster with reduce paperwork in efficient and effective way.

Incorporated ERP Modules

Project Highlights

Screenshots: Inventory Management & POS (generic screenshot; collected) 

Screenshots: Inventory Management & Purchase (generic screenshot; collected) 

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