AEM Solutions For Pharma & Telco Industry Leaders

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a content management solution (CMS) for enterprises. It is the perfect solution for enterprise level businesses as managing marketing content and assets at the right time, to the right audience is difficult for any large business. But that is not what the AEM CMS solution is limited to; it can be implemented as a collaborative platform or content distribution solution, and many more depending on your needs.  

At Brain Station we have been serving global enterprises since 2006. We have successfully accomplished many outsourcing projects in the telecom and healthcare industries.

AEM Integration Pharmaceutical Industry

We have partnered with one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world to integrate Personalised Integration Authentication Platform (PIAP) to their AEM solution.

The pharmaceutical company is one of the biggest in the world, with 29,000 employees and medicines in over 175 countries; generating an annual revenue is 32.75 billion USD. They have specialties in biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and development, manufacturing, biotherapeutics, and many more.

PIAP (Personalised Integration Authentication Platform) is an authentication platform for AEM users by which they can authenticate the information of Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) through a renowned Salesforce CRM app. It acts more like a bridge to fetch and match information from the salesforce app to AEM. It also works as a database of AEM users where they can save HCP’s personal information. Besides, this single platform can manage the credentials of PIAP users.

Before the PIAP deployment, AEM CMS end users didn’t have any database to upload or store personal information. The data pools have only been getting larger and larger, and pharmaceutical enterprises require an intuitive online portal to access the right data from the vast data pool seamlessly. Additionally, customizing AEM is required to be undertaken by developers who have expertise in the platform. Smooth running and professional looking pages of AEM had to be complemented by a robust database. The AEM users, along with HCP end-users, had been facing a synchronization problem for updating the data with the salesforce app, the sales CRM app for pharmaceutical companies. At the end, one single platform was required to store and view all the data- a project undertaken by the developers here at Brain Station.

With the new PIAP integration, we have introduced the following features on AEM-

  • Dispensing relevant up-to-date content to Health Care Professions
  • Contents from different therapy areas
  • Medical Education Site
  • Responsive Design, Ease of use targeting HCPs
  • Analytics
  • Events & Congress
  • Personalization
  • Medical product launch
  • Email subscriptions
  • Contact & Support
  • Digital product leaflet

Business Impact 

The solution helped to automatically update sites and portals of the pharmaceutical company without any manual updates. And having all the information in one singular database promotes efficiency, and lets decision makers focus on critical work areas. This solution also comes with automated reporting and analytics, tracking ongoing progress. All these in turn help the pharmaceutical company to showcase their work faster and seamlessly to win more business.

AEM Integration for Telco Industry

We have also integrated AEM CMS for one of the largest enterprises in international telecom industries.  This notable project was with British Telecom, or BT. This project tasked us to develop a customer facing web portal which handles BT’s integral business activities and handle the customers from the UK and Ireland.

Without the customer facing portal powered by AEM, BT would not be able to cater their services efficiently to the millions of customers. The AEM platform is needed for BT to also market their products and services to the right customer accordingly to their database. 

For BT we developed a customer facing website and portal. The application receives huge orders each year and we helped BT to process their whole order journey; using AEM for the large enterprise sector. We helped BT Group with the infrastructure and development support.

Here some of the features of BT’s AEM solution-

  • Online bill payment
  • Email access
  • Order tracking
  • Most popular products
  • Monthly features
  • Case studies
  • Events for businesses and others
  • Products
  • Solutions
  • Small business solutions
  • Corporate solutions
  • Business forums
  • Find local sales people
  • Contact sales and support

Business Impact

Now each year the website portal brings in over 50 million pounds worth of revenue for BT for their products and services. And we have streamlined their whole order process journey to make it convenient for customers, and also for BT to keep track of their database.

By incorporating AEM solution, we have brought two giants of the telecom and pharmaceutical industry advantages in their respective fields. The enterprise solution of AEM is the best CMS tool to manage large quantities of customer databases and serve them accordingly. So at enterprise levels, we highly recommend implementing AEM solutions for CMS applications. Not only because it is simply the best in the market, but the result it brings is more than substantial to say the least. At Brain Station we have developers who are expertise in AEM; and with our accomplishment across several industries globally, we are the right partner for your enterprise solutions!

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