Case Study

ACI Limited

Service Provided: Decision Support System (IDSS)

Industry: Agriculture

The project is intended to leverage geo-data to gather, target and propagate relevant information to farmers when they need it, in a viable way. With the vision to positively affect the lives of millions of smallholder farmers, this project leverages new technology in the advancement of the grassroots of the country’s agriculture.


Brain Station 23 Ltd. developed a decision support system (IDSS) through software integrating field data, satellite and weather data and market information, and translate into actionable localized crop specific advice for farmers. In this way, the farmer’s decision making along the entire production cycle and the overall food production will improve, reduce post-harvest loss and thereby, improve the profitability of the farming operations.
The IDSS service has been made available through mobile and web application (basic handset and smartphone).


Mobile Application

Web Application

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Solutions Developed

Fosholi- IoT and AI enabled farming app

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