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ACI Limited

Service Provided: Decision Support System (IDSS)

One of the biggest corporations in Bangladesh with a multinational heritage, Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited, operates through four diverse key business units all over the country. “ACI Agribusinesses” is the largest integrator in Bangladesh for motorbikes, farm mechanization, livestock, fishery, and infrastructure development services.


The client wanted such an information system that has the potential to enable farmers to produce better crops and increase their incomes and raise their standard of living for farmers. The project is intended to leverage geo-data to gather, target and propagate relevant information to farmers when they need it, in a viable way.


Brain Station 23 Ltd. developed a decision support system (IDSS) through software integrating field data, satellite and weather data and market information, and translate into actionable localized crop specific advice for farmers.

Pre-Cultivation, Cultivation, Post-Cultivation, Weather Forecast, My Crop, Knowledge Bank, Farmer’s Toolbox, Reach to Extension, etc. are the major categories to which its services belong. In this way, the farmer’s decision making along the entire production cycle and the overall food production will improve, reduce post-harvest loss and thereby improve the profitability of the farming operations.

It offers 15 million Bangladeshi farming families access to high-quality agricultural inputs, services, and solutions through a single platform. The IDSS service has been made available through mobile and web applications (basic handset and smartphone).

Web & Mobile application-

  • In the mobile application, aside from user access control the home screen shows monthly agronomic activities, and my crop list, pest alerts are shown along with today’s weather information.
  • To create own crop with crop & variety selection & crop seeding date My crop menu been created.
  • Most suitable and least suitable crops are found in the Crop Selection screen option, showing current harvested crops in a specific area.
  • Crop production screen displays week-based production stages portfolio.
  • Crops protection screen provides Pests & Diseases alert, cautions, summary / details information of crops.
  • Profit & Loss screen option is to calculate economical values of the crop in respect of the area of the logged in user.
  • Weather alerts & detailed information have been shown in the weather section.
  • Farmer’s toolbox helps to find out useful for crop calendar and pest calendar.
  • Question bank shows current and useful news and information about agriculture related issue
  • The option Reach to extension gives the user the list of contact person in his area.
  • Score option shows score and position of a user based on the score in a specific area.
  • Switch new account and password change facility can be achieved through this menu.

CMS portal-

  • Location update facility
  • Crop management- manage crop type, variety, current practice and production
  • Agronomic content category edits
  • View user’s planted crops
  • Season Data Edit option
  • Crop economics data edit
  • Severity index for pest and diseases
  • Suitability index for crops for different locations
  • Weather management
  • Crop calendar details
  • Question bank
  • User query
  • Pest and disease caution
  • Pest and disease data editing option for different crops.
  • About

Admin portal-

  • Pending Approval view, approve and delete facility
  • From settings profile information and password change option
  • User Management- Admin users and CMS users. Admin users can edit admin users’ data. CMS users can edit admin users’ data.
  • App Feedback Management
  • Questionnaire – Add, Update, Delete questionnaire for feedback.
  • Questions – Add, Update, Delete Questions for questionnaire
  • Users Response – View, Export users’ feedback
  • From Audit Log, audit log viewing facility
  • From App Usages Log app usage logs can be viewed and exported.
  • Gamification – Redeem gamification points or Give bonus gamification points.


‘Fosholi’ paves the first move towards a unified agricultural platform in Bangladesh. It aims to provide a one-stop resource for all essential agricultural data for all of Bangladesh’s primary crops. Using the Fosholi App, almost 105,000 farmers from 4,200 farmers clubs in all 12 districts of the nation frequently receive useful information and advisory services. In doing so, it is ensuring the overarching national goal of sustained food and nutrition security, also enhancing farmers’ decision-making and farming productivity.



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