Simple Way to Evaluate a Developer

Simple way to evaluate a developer



Trust me, I know your pain whether you are a startup or an enterprise that is looking for a new developer or team to outsource the development works. Resumes to you will start looking more or less the same since the basics match. And often, it ends with a similar tech stack working experience or the same kind of application development experience with which you can mostly rely upon.

See, there is no right or wrong approach since I won’t be able to give you any stats but what I can do is to share with you what approach has worked for us.

In Brain Station 23 what I’ve experienced that we get most of our customers who want more from us. Rather than hiring professionals who are looking for a long-term partnership for developments & looking for developers who are craving challenges, new knowledge & for whom programming is not bread & butter but more like a passion or calling.

And we always want to start small with a smaller portion from the big vision. One step at a time. And we are more onto winning our client/partners so that with them we can grow & go far.

This small approach is often translated as MVP project or Pet project.

Now, Why starting MVP or pet projects are important? let me tell you why-


Number 1

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It happened that one of our USA clients was looking for 1 resource for the new era fintech app they were developing. And they hire us & one of our developers, they start small by hiring one of our resources and the team got extended with a 30 people team & went for 4 years straight.

And this is just one of the cases.

Number 2

Related case

Thanks to our culture towards working with MVPs and Pet Projects for learning new technologies and languages, obtaining new skills.

Number 3

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Besides, the proper way of doing things as per company policies & regulations pet projects encourage developers to seek new and creative ways of solving problems.


So, we can easily evaluate a company’s culture & its developers’ strength & capability by the interesting projects they have worked with. Do make sure you look out for diversity in the work & you can see few good pet projects or MVPs in the developers’ basket. Cause that’s the clear indication of their passion for development & solving problems.
Out of the 350+ developers, we accommodate in Brain Station, around 70% of our developers have at least one brainchild they spend their free time with. Though this is not the main criteria by which we recruit our devs, yet it helps us paint a better portrait of a person we’re hiring.

That being the case, I can assure you to test our devs whom you’d find fantastic!


Farzana Afrin Tisha (Business Development Manager- Outsourcing Business Focus)





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